Mortal Kombat Trilogy For 360 Live & PS3: Will It Ever Happen?


I pray to god that it does, it was a much greater game than UMK3. Anyone here agrees? And the bosses SHOULD NOT be playable online. Don’t get me wrong, UMK3 is good, but MKT was greater.


MKT is greater if you like Noob Vs. Rain matches all day.


Hey! I happen to like both those characters!


those are my favorite characters lol


I don’t think so. I think there’s lots of games that should be released that never will, like Rival Schools.

But if they do, Raiden all day.


It’s Mk…seriously, who gives a fuck?


I thought most hardcore MK heads considered UMK3 the best game in the series.


I’d have to agree.

MK has its place in Nostalgia land, but thats it. Developers never even took their own games seriously.

Which is why the bitchass, broken CPU issue was never fixed. A while back i made a genuine effort to revisit and get into the 2D games again, but after getting mercilessly DESTROYED by that CPU a few hundred times? To hell with it.

MK series never had the depth or flexibility of other fighters anyway, everything felt so “strict”.


Agreed. Too many broken characters to make online enjoyable. That is unless you’re playing against people you know and you ban certain characters.


Mortal Kombat… ear marked to whip Street Fighter II into the pit where has-beens fester.


…Didn’t we have a topic like this before?


You smell like feet.

And no, MK2/UMK3 is all we need.


The people that buy it, I assume. MKT rebalanced would be nice.


Midway created the popular Mortal Kombat series
didn’t Midway filed Bankrupcy a couple months back?

I doubt we’ll see any kind of re-release on Mortal Kombat Trilogy
its up to Midway, Warner Bros. & THQ to make it happen
also i dont know much on the whole Midway bankrupcy thing


UMK3 is all we need. MKT is broken as fuck.

I would accept a HD remake of UMK3 though.