Mortal Kombat X official forum censoring PC talk


The forums at MKX’s official site are behaving strangely. No post exclusively discussing whether or not a PC release will function as intended (unlike Injustice of MK9) stays. There is one thread that is an exception and it is mine regarding netcode, but in that thread I included consoles. I think there may be some MO going on, not that many people use the forum as censorship is so heavy, but the allowing for console talk and criticism but not PC is interesting.


Wow I take all that back. All threads regarding PC netcode are being deleted as of today.

this was the last one standing and now its gone.


If you’re on TYM you should post it there as well…this seems to warrant more attention on the matter.


I dont have an account with them but I will consider it. Good idea.


I was about to move this to the Mortal Kombat forum until I noticed that the Persona 4 Arena forum ate it. O_O @MrWizard help :frowning:


Go to it is like the SRK of the Mortal Kombat scene


What does this mean exactly? Or what could it mean?

I’m confused maybe they just dont want to hear the cries of a PC port before its even out on console.