Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter idea

So here goes nothing. Seeing as how Street Fighter X Tekken turned out let’s talk about most demanded crossover that is MKXSF or SFXMK. It should be T rated and have more violence than SF but less gory than MK. Think how SF characters can be let loose. No fatalities though. Story could be like MK is dark side and their clothing has black to indicate dark side whilst SF has white to indicate light side.

it seems ppl rather hav mk x ki or mk x marvel…
mk x sf is wat id choose because their both awesome but in different way. It is not like call of duty which is an easy to learn fps. rivals to cod is battlefield which is about deep gameplay with roles so u could drive a rank, plane or be a shooter ir a medical etc… I’ve played both games and i choose cod… Its the worlds best selling game… Now with mk and sf… They are both fighting games so it should mesh

MK with no violence?

Why, there’s MK vs. DC Universe, of course!

Oh wait, it’s a shitty game!


Crossovers are overrated.

The most demanded crossover has already happened…