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My friend uses Flame Fist against Kung Jin, because he feels it’s a terrible matchup. Not enough games to tell if it’s a great counter, but he certainly does better in that style than the other 2.


I’m seriously rethinking the online is not acceptable.
I am eating Sub-Zero slides from fulls screen because the reaction time isn’t good enough.
Also had a Scorpion do a spear, uppercut, Hellfire. I couldnt avoid the hellfire. Hold up, I eat it. Maybe a backdash but couldnt figure out the timing.

And theres seriously something up with projectiles and jumping over them. I can be at apex of my jump and eating fireballs and spears.

Lastly, WTF is up with teleport punching? I’m maining Ermac and from full screen I can jump back and bait a kick into TP and Sub-Zero will slide and go full screen and hit me out of the teleport. Many many times I’ve eaten stuff when trying to teleport, definitely annoying.

Again, I can try some fancy attacks and juggles and then opponent just uppercut x5 and wins.

I was against a Kitana who had some decent combos when he’d go for them, but typically kept doing to Back it up ass move which seemed to recover faster than I could spam 2.

I’m seriously starting to miss local coop w/o lag.

I’m on XB1 but everything I’ve read says the driver for the PS3 stick still needs a PS4 controller to tie into the gamer profile.
So you will need another PS4 controller to play local.

Details? All I’ve heard so far is Mystic TK grab and just air blasts to build up.


I’ve seen everybody playing Possessed Kenshi lately and I’ve been playing him myself, what exactly are the benefits of Possessed Kenshi? I thought higher damage may have been the main factor but it requires serious meter burn to get good damage, Balanced Kenshi offers practically the same things minus a teleport, a better launcher and zoning and less dependence on bar. I haven’t tried Kenjutsu Kenshi yet but I’ll get around to it. Balanced seems solid to me though, the launcher anti-air is slow as hell and impossible to use online though, and his uppercut sucks. So anti-airs are tricky.

If anybody is playing Kenshi what variation are you using? His variations all seem playable. And I’m struggling to find good damage with him, nothing above 36% as of yet.

So after a night of playing I’ve got a couple of BnBs jotted down from what I tried. I found a couple 30-37 midscreens and 35-43 corner combos. They’re a little on the awkward side if you wanted them online but they’re doable, probably.

Main thing I started using was Rising Karma - NJP - Uppercut in the corner and linking either a finisher or putting the opponent into a standing reset and going for the 50/50.

Highest damage I got all night was a 50% X-Ray combo, couldn’t get any higher as hard as I tried to. 49% seems to be the damage ceiling I’m hitting.

I’ll list a couple of the BnBs for anybody interested.

F3 2, DB1, Run, 4 3, BF3 - Around 36% midscreen. Change inputs after run to 2, 2 for the standing reset/side switch.

B3 2, DB1, Run, 1, 1, 4 2 1, BF3 is a nice low starter that goes into mid 30% I think.

4 D4 after your B3 2 is also pretty good if they block, 4 D4 is 0 on block IIRC so it’s a pretty decent overhead, just doesn’t lead into anything.

4 3, DB1, NJP, D2, 4 3, BF3 is a nice looking combo around 38% without spending meter.

4 3, DB1, NJP, 4, DB1, 1, 1, 4 3, BF3(Meter) is around 42% in the corner I believe. No side switching or anything involved so it’s less risky on a drop.


Scrub Zeros are full retard.

I’ve lost to fucking 1 button players thanks to lag. Like I said in a previous post, I can eat 50% and make a comeback, then I play someone else and lose to d2 d2, random x ray that gets blocked, slide.

Well his Mystic is his worse variation, but he has a glitch to instantly build a full bar. The character is just non sense, whether he’s good or bad.


Yeah I lost to a Sub Zero who threw uppercuts, Ice Hammers and Slides. The latency was pretty bad and I couldn’t react to the Ice Hammer so I just had to breaker him and zone every match, combos weren’t doable between us. I went 1-5 against him and this dude was 70/30 in player matches. The netcode is disappointing, I can’t even use it as a place to test things out because of the latency issues.


Pretty much. I can only really test things online with one friend when he’s on. His internet sucks too and he gets salty like the online randoms. Since I know him, I’m used to it lol. A lot of the time I miss the ground minion after 2 1 3 cause of it. So it’s either risk it, or just end the combo early, which isn’t really the best idea if I’m losing.

Same goes for comboing after Kung Jin’s divekick, so easy to whiff after f2


When you’re dropping Kung Jin stuff you know the lag is real.

Also, I think Balanced Kenshi MAY be able to 1 1 4, DB1, Run, NJP into an ender midscreen. The 1 1 4 gives the DB1 launcher a slightly higher height peak and it might allow Kenshi to run, stop, and NJP in time. It feels possible but I can’t land it myself. If anybody wants to give it a go feel free and get back to me, it’s either impossible or just barely and VERY strict.


Yeah, online is complete trash. I cannot land anything involving a run on it to save my life, and reversals are a pain too. RIP my online career.


NRS has actually done a rly great job with the Quitality feature.


Quitality is amazing true.
Btw. how the fuck you got so many games in Liang, while still getting into the lab to get some sick combos down and making videos n shit?


The best is when you miss Jax’s jab jab, jab jab, etc.


I had 5 days free from work / university + I got MKX like 4 days earlier than the official release from the store I pre ordered this game.
Spent 3 days grinding some ranked games & 2 days into the lab to figure out stuff for Takeda and match ups lol.
Other than that I usually play 1-2 hours per day after work.


Day 4 of my attempts to actually play a match with someone in this thread.

Anyone wanna add me for some games, or are we still bitching about our own shitty connections and endlessly theory fighting?

I kind of find it hilarious that so many people were moaning and groaning about the fact that nobody can seem to find this thread, and yet now that the game is out nobody wants to actually play it. Instead you guys would rather have tier discussions over a game that’s barely been out for a week.



I’m playing it a bunch, just offline. The online isn’t fun for me, a lot of the environments are laggy and it leads to dull gameplay, having a blast offline though.

I’ll go a little further into the online play of this game, because it’s genuinely been a huge let down for me. Game is awesome.

  • Between the 70 or so matches I’ve played, I’ve met around 3 people with ability in-game, my record isn’t much it’s around 70-17 as of now, but I’ve only lost to a handful of people that I’ve stayed on for sets with. The majority of the online playerbase will use random specials, D2 and not know what a block button is. It isn’t exactly fulfilling when you’ve gone into training and worked on mix-ups to break people down just for your opponent to eat literally everything you send at them.

  • Whether people are bitching or not, lag is the biggest issue online. I can jump into training mode and do my flashy corner combos that rack up 40% or more without an issue, let’s face it MK isn’t exactly a struggle when it comes to execution. Jump online that combo is borderline impossible for me to do with confidence, under the kind of latency you come across, it just isn’t even worth bothering. I’m no execution god but I have my run combos down to a T, I hit them offline against friends consistently. Yet when I go online I can’t hit them with confidence yet again. I understand some things in online being less effective/applicable, but when it’s hard to do even a simple run extension there is an issue.

I’m hard wired, 20up, 10 down. I’m on an Open NAT. Nothing spectacular but I’m the only one using the broadband, my connection isn’t an issue, I can jump online with any other fighter like Xrd, SF4 etc and have a blast online and be confident in the lag not being a detriment to my play.

I think here there’s a difference between people bitching and there being a genuine issue with the netcode, it’s hard to deny that the netcode sucks and online feels trashy. At it’s best it just feels like a casual playground for newcomers to play, nothing wrong with that at all but I can’t find anything satisfying with the online in the state it currently is.

That got expanded more than I thought it would, oh well.


Here, this is easier than explaining. High damage X-Ray corner combo I stumbled across for Kenshi. Seems like it might be his max damage for Balanced, maybe. You can probably cram another 5/6% into it most likely, I’ll go toy around.

F3, 2 DB1, NJP, 4 DB1, 4 3(Cancel first hit of 3) X-Ray - 55%

Exchange that last part for 4 3(Allow both hits to connect) BF2 for a 41%


Seems max damage for the X-Ray is 62%, but the meterless variant is tied for max damage in the corner for no bars I believe.


Naw, it’s definitely not the best netcode but it’s also far from being the worst. I can pull of my 35%-40% Ermac combos in more matches than not. It really does help if both players have decent connection speeds. I will admit that even at its best it still has a bit of input lag, but to go as far as saying its unplayable I don’t agree with. Some matches have little next to no lag, some have tons. It just varies.

Still doesn’t even come close to KOFXIII levels of trash.


Same reason I never got into KOF or Marvel heavily, online sucked ass. When I feel restricted to using simple combos and lower damage purely because of connections issues between me and an opponent when I know I can land them in average circumstances, it annoys me. At least when I’m on SF4 I know I’m going to land my FADCs and links a majority of the time, and if I drop something it’s 100% to me dropping it, and not the connection working against me. It definitely needs tweaking, I’m shocked NRS didn’t implement something new, haven’t Injustice/MK9 players been complaining about the netcode since well…forever?


Yea, the online is just depressing. VS Cpu I can land 30%+ easily with Ermac.
Online, I ended up with dumb crap like soul ball, pop up, upper cut, upper cut. and if in the corner, uppercut.
Meanwhile I’m just solo offline boosting and getting achievements just so I’m doing something with the game.


Solo offline boosting? What’s that, Faction rank?

I’m just gonna work on getting a trifecta of characters I think, Johnny/Kenshi are two definites so far. Probably going to achievement hunt after I get tired of the lab.

Also, played a dude yesterday called JohnnyKhalil, I hit a 50 streak against him. I hit him with Takeda’s low kunai for 50 games straight, and he couldn’t figure out how to block them. He couldn’t figure out how to low block in 50. Fucking. Games. Shit was depressing for me, couldn’t even be bothered to help the guy he felt beyond saving at that point. Kappa.


Just because I’m having a ton of fun with all of the characters I uploaded another short high damage combo. Brawler Cassie Cage this time round, 40% for 1 bar was all I could find in an hour, probably room for a ton more but it looks pretty.


Block 50/50? Some people don’t block full stop. I took like 70% of some guy’s life using Kung Jin’s arrows only. I feel to main ancestral, but for no real reason.