Mortal Kombat XL - 11 | Lounge


i am really looking forward to the first gameplay footage. screenshots look fine so far. enhanced version of the mkx look. i just hope we get some more brighter stages, i like the one in the screenshots.




Bunch of Stuff

Shao Khan


Box Art

Reveal Event next Week


Nice… Shang Tsung in this too?..


Dunno but we’ll find out Thursday.


Raiden has Shinnok’s amulet…


of course he has. he had it already in the after credit scene in mkx.

new one





Game looks freaking incredible.


and there is going something fishy on with scorpions ex bar during the exhibition matches.
first i thought its a counterhit benefit to fill up faster but it happens too when he got hit so either its a bug or gear stuff?

first time at 2:40 - scorpion lands a counterhit, converts it into a combo and you can see the offensive bar fills up much faster.
second time during 6:00 - baraka hits scorpion in the air and after the landing the bar fils up faster again.