Mortal Kombat XL 2016 a new generation, a new era of competition


(thanks guys that reminded me there’s an actual MK board, it’s so hard skimming and scanning the board lists, at first I was like “wtf there’s no MK section?”)
those of us that waited for this edition, it really is great timing it’s coming early march. haven’t played since MK9, and XL is gonna be the definitive edition of X, while still playable with MKX owners.

they are currently beta testing (version 3) for rebalancing and superior netcode (confirmed to be significantly better based on one beta tester’s comment) across both X and XL.
MKXL is really the beginning for a lot of MK fans that new this edition was coming and completed the test of patience for this content filled and fully featured version, saving about $40 worth of DLC spending in the process. $100+ worth of content now for only $60, patience is a virtue. this is gonna lead to even greater first impressions for newcomers. :slight_smile:

though it really is sickening the amount of butthurt PC fans there are. they are so spoiled, jealous and entitlement drugged. their platform being the foundation of piracy and developer profit nightmares, since PC gamers expect games to be cheaper than console games, and cheaper and cheaper and if they aren’t free or low enough, most people will just pirate the games anyways. oh well, their loss. their misguided hate and leechy attitude is just pushing more developers to prioritize consoles instead, and then the PC zealots wonder why they get no love.

Anyways, MKXL is a much better deal than SFV, especially for those that haven’t bought/played MKX until this upcoming edition. Having both quality and quantity, I would say MKXL is a great supreme fighting game of the year candidate, if it wasn’t for KOFXIV and EA Sports UFC 2 releasing this year as well. though still, it’s at least the greatest MK to date (though MK Armageddon is still my personal favorite, MKX/XL does some things better that makes it stand out, maybe a later MK will merge the best of MK:A with the best of MKXL and whatever breakthroughs they make in the next sequels).


Yeah everyone was expecting this.but i still ended getting X when it was on sale for 30 or 40,never bought the dlc. but hey the kombat pack 1 is now only 10 bucks and season 2 pack is only 20.and with the pit stage and improved net code being free to X. current owners don’t have to drop full price again to stay up to date


is it me or is it hard to find this MK section through the SRK index? it’s so hidden. anyway I didnt know about the packs being on sale. they should bring back the very first MK1 stage back to MKXL. that stage is the most iconic MK1 stage ever and I liked it when they made the classic stage full 3D in MK Armageddon. MK9 had it too.


Talking about the courtyard stage?