Mortal Kombat XL the next generation of Mortal Kombat X


Anyone getting MKXL? Someone us skipped MKX for the inevitable definitive edition, and it’s arriving very early in march.

not only are they adding the DLC, but they are overhauling the online netcode as well, as well as rebalances with the new beta testing, which benefits both MKX and MKXL members.
I say with MK XL’s arrival, a new generation of MKX competition will begin. to me, MK XL is like the SSFIV of it’s generation, perhaps even USFIV of MKX since they are going to move to new projects after this edition, NRS rarely makes more than two editions/updates of the same fighting game.

A beta tester I talked to said that the new netcode is like playing with someone in the same room. Of course this is online we are talking about, so connection compatibilities may vary depending on connections (you know there are still fools that play these games on wi fi and hamster wheel ISPs) .

Overall, MK XL is gonna be a legit competitive fighting game, and at the very least, provides an alternative from other fighting games this quarter. Of course the ones that get the most out of XL are the newcomers. The competition will be fierce, but its more interesting than fighting the cpu. XL and the updates they are doing, are going to freshing things up for the MKX communities and fans like myself that haven’t played since MK9.


Sigh Saner…

Also I’ll be skipping this…like how the devs skipped the PC fanbase.


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