Mortal Kombat

Do you guys want a Mortal Kombat side tournament? I can run it. Which MK game would you like?

Vote now.

i would like to do a UMK3 tourny but hey if anyone would do a MK2 tourny i would love that too :slight_smile:

Mythologies or close thread.


Im gonna see about coming to EVO… but I vote UMK3. Hell… even trilogy…


UMK3 or MK2 would be fine by me.

Shoalin Monks

I’ll vouch for that…

I’ll participate if its 2-4. UMK3 should and will be the one though.


17 votes for UMK3 now.

UMK3 on X-Box 360 100%

The **XBOX 360 version **is 100000 times better. Please do not do the PS2 one, everyone will agree on the X-Box 360 version.

yes, the ps2 mk armageddon port is garbage, the 360 port is the best

I vote Mortal Kombat 4, because I have it for N64. :rofl:

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

If there is extra time a MK2 or MKT tourny would be fun(ny).

UMK3, I’d probably go if it were there.

MK1 Proto, bitches. :wink: