Mortal Online - Open Beta

Currently in open beta. Has anyone tried it yet? It’s supposedly a sandbox MMORPG played from 1st person like the original EQ. No classes, everything is trained like Oblivion. Open PvP with consequences, not sure what exactly.

Trying it out right now, post my first impressions if anyone cares.

Sounds like a 3D version of Ultima Online, no thanks.


Yeah, I got a feeling it’s going to suck ass. But like most games, I’m willing to give it an honest shot.

*Update 3 hours later, still patching. -_-

Okay, after 4hrs and 30min of patching, finally got into the game.

Avoid this shit like the plague. It’s completely unplayable, this plays more like a concept than a beta.

-This game runs off the Unreal Engine, for better or for worse. (Worse for me, I hate the way it generally looks.)
-Created a character, the models are ugly as sin and they’re completely naked.
-You’ll have no idea what does what but that’s kind of to be expected so I’ll forgive that.
-Selected a random starting zone because I have no idea what the difference is.
-You move slow as hell, the graphics are pretty bad, you have to figure out what does what because the tutorial isn’t even implemented.
-So I move around and start hitting buttons to figure out stuff. Read the “Help” that is provided.
-The menu and the help tutorial have significant delay before they pop up sometimes.
-Finally figured out how to equip my weapons because they don’t start equipped.
-Took me awhile but I manage to exit the town into the front yard. Found my first enemy the domesticated pig.

-You have 3 bars, red 1 is hp, yellow 1 is stamina? which depletes when you do ANYTHING and hardly recharges if you’re just walking. No idea what the 3rd one does, probably mana or something, but the spells look like they take components to use.
-So I went behind the pig and charged up my attack, this little piggy ran the fuck away at warp speeds.
-Found another piggy, this little piggy didn’t run away so I got to attack it, then it ran the fuck away at warp speeds…then came back at warp speeds (think Dragonball Z) and hit me…and hit me…and hit me… and I went into mercy mode (died but not really).
-Couldn’t dodge/block/attack said piggy because he was moving like SSJ Goku or Ichigo bankai’d the fuck up and all.
-Tried it again after I got healed up with the same results.
-Logged the hell out and uninstalled the game and deleted the folder.

Summary: Wasted over 5hrs. The game is not even Alpha status worthy. And before people start whining that I should’ve read up on it blah blah blah, if a game isn’t even half-way intuitive by just picking it up and playing, it’s not worth the time.