Mortal Question

when MK9 droped onto shelves i rented it to try it out and i decided i like it a lot and told myself im gonna purchase it asap. but never have… then the Freddy Krueger DLC came out and i bought that even though i still didnt get the actual game itself. lol

But i decided to look back into the game and i still really want to get it. But i have a really important question and that is “what tier is Freddy Krueger in? is he considered Hat-tier? Is he allowed in tournaments? Do any good players play him in any tournaments?”

i would have posted this in the Freddy Krueger section of the MK9 forum but it looks completely dead… So sorry about that.

Freddy is allowed in tournaments, he is high tier not hat-tier. Last I checked though no top MK players use him at tournaments. would probably be a better place to have asked this by the way.

Freddy is tournament legal, yes. Also according to Tom Brady’s (very knowledgeable MK player) matchup chart, Freddy Krueger is definitely up there on the tier list.

You could also check up on the Frddy Krueger character thread on the Testyourmight forums if you’re so inclined.

Thank you, i plan on picking up freddy krueger for tourny play. i was unaware of the website but thank you for directing me with the link.