Moscow Fighting Arena vid

It may sound a bit unreal, but here in East Europe fighting games are popular too. And the second year in a row we held a big tourney called MFA(Moscow Fighting Arena), where a lot of people from EX USSR countries gather to decide who is a number one. As you may already guess it’s an East Europe version of US Evo or japanese SBO, but with less skilled players. %) Anyway, one of ours creative fighters who also work as designer and professional movie editor created a good, cool vid. with some of the MFA2005 tourney highlights and funny moments. So check it out, I’ll promise you wont be disappointed.

You can find the vid here ->

Enjoy and post your comments.

VERY nice vid. Stylish as hell. I LOVE how the Tekken hits synched with the music. You sir, get rep from me.

If you’re wlling to MAME it, I’m down for some matches. :slight_smile:

Haha, awesome video.

The part where you timed the combos in T5 to go with the music was sweet as hell. Liked the intermission too.


To clear things out a bit. The author of this video is a SpaceMan, so all props go to him %)

Yeah, he did some good edits.

You guys ever play Daraku? Spaceman’s site with the fighting game reviews talks about this game…

I actually visited Kiev earlier this year, and it’s a beautiful city. I made a great deal of friends in Ukraine, I only wish they’d all been into fighting games too.

But it’s not like I expected to find a lot of fighting game cabinets in Gorlovka.

Edit: Great video. I wish I could spell out the small amount of Russian I knew.

Site bookmarked, My internet is a bit slow at the moment.

That was an awsome vid. Props to spaceman! Really good presentation.

Send this shit to, get some more exposure~

yes…it is like evo but with KOF tournament
The world plays KOF, I knew it…
U.S.A you should feel ashamed

hey jul 2005 guy… shut up

Koda Kumi is nice…

I can’t wait to see Russia vs. England. That is gonna be hot stuff right there.

EDIT: What’s with the keyboards, btw?

KOF is not very popular here but some people playing in it, I guess to each one his own. But anyway we already send the link on this video to gfb and video-opera.

And about keyboards. Some people here played ST in 94-95 on CPU version and with passing time they didnt change there keyboard habit. But now nearly all of them already switched to sticks or looking for a good one. Some GG people dont have PS2, so they training on PC, and also some of them playing on keyboards. But rest assured all tourneys here are held on PS2(sadly but we dont have any arcades) and by the EVO rules.

I cant confirm anything, but I can say for sure that a lot of players here are already training hard to kick some west europe ass on euro SBO2006 qualifications in France.

What was with the 3rd Strike hate? The only footage that was shown and he BORING :frowning: it. Was it a joke or did he really feel that about 3s?

that’s enough:tup:

The whole 3s boring thing appeared because, the author of the movie filmed only semi and final matches on the MFA2005 and they where actually really boring. If I remember correctly the semi and finals was all about Ken %))) The tier whoring disease is spreading here very quick %)

The SpaceMan site is e-ninjas, and you saw the review on the (all sides of fighting) it ruled by a group of people, and I am one of them. ASOF is a main east-Europe fighting community site, it’s like our version of SRK, and e-ninjas is something more like CV, it hosts vids. from recent tourneys and some fun articles and other stuff. Also ASOF run tourney in Saint Petersburg and Kiev and also in some small citys. But in Moscow all tourneys run by the two organizations - and
Sorry for some boring information. %)

And the answer to question about Daraku is No %) We dont play it, I even never saw it myself, only read this review. %)

That would be indeed the hotness. If fighting games become a Euro passtime, imagine the wild ass international tournament events that would be going.


All send their best and settle some “Apollo (US) vs. Rocky (Italy, sort of) vs. Drago (Russia)” bouts. That would be crazy.

After i click the link n download the quicktime screen appears but then a popup says quicktime can’t play it and doesn’t have the required material on this server to play it…WTF???

lol at the Remy pic up top :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, QuickTime doesnt play .avi or .wmv type of video files. Use Light Alloy or Windows Media Player instead of QuickTime.