Mosque near ground zero in New York: yay or nay?

Surprised there wasn’t a thread about this as it’s a hot point of discussion in the political world lately. I’ve heard a lot of stuff about it from the mosque being a “victory mosque” following the 9/11 attacks to just one floor of the building being a mosque and the rest of the building being dedicated to other activities.

What does srk think about it? I’d say they’re within their rights to have it built, but it isn’t a good idea due to how people feel in the area. Wonder how many times this place will be vandalized within its’ first year of being built.


Seems very political. It seems to be planned for that location rather deliberately, as if to make a statement.

That is not the place to make such a statement.

Shouldn’t you make this into a poll(though I can probably guess what the results are going to be) and this thread will quickly spiral out of control.

That being said, put me down for yes.



the idea of it being a “victory mosque” is absolutely absurd…

more proof that followers of islam in America are doomed…

i bet if they put a catholic church there no one would say anything…


Not a big deal or even any deal, as it is not a “Victory” mosque but just some regular mosque.

Its nothing. Not even worth talking about.

It shouldn’t be a hot topic, it’s been planned for years now. Only suddenly people are caring about it, because some organization brought it into the limelight and most people don’t even know the details, like, all people know is the sensationalist words ‘MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO’ and it’s not actually at ground zero, it’s two blocks away.


If the mosque is banned, then the terrorists have won(objective of terrorism is to change something through fear) and if americans become intolerant to this extent, then they have changed something pretty important

i haven’t been following the story bcuz it’s not real news, but from what i’ve heard the mosque is supposed to be like 4-5 blocks from the WTC, the city council voted against blocking their zoning permit provided they can come up with the needed funds to renovate the proposed location,…uh filler?

there’s a church and graveyard within a block of ground zero, granted it was there before the financial district and WTC was built. but if the muslims can afford to build downtown and no zoning laws are violated, let 'em.

A lot of people are calling it disrespectful because of 9/11. Which is implying that Muslims and terrorists are the same thing. Which is pretty fucked. The whole argument is pretty silly, and I have to wonder why they’re focusing so much on this. I wonder what larger bill is being passed along now that no one’s paying attention to.

Speaking as a Muslim:

On the one hand, being offended that a mosque is being built there is pretty freaking stupid. You’re equating Muslims to the people who did 9/11.

On the other, there are a lot of freaking stupid people in America and the West in general who DO equate all Muslims to whoever did 9/11, and it could be seen as irresponsible to tempt them.

Sometimes you gotta lay low, even if it seems like you shouldn’t have to. That’s just the way it is.

Sensationalism, the lazy man’s way to sell newspapers. April O Neil could come up with better news while kidnapped.

Stories like this i why i’m glad i’m not in the Air Force right now. I know a shit ton of people that would’ve looked at me sideways for thinking something like this wasn’t a problem.

Obama’s approval ratings have dropped according to NPR, with over 70% of the country being against the mosque location =).

They would if the towers were destroyed in the name of Catholicism. I’m still learning debating tactics…is what you just did called a “straw man”?

Look, if you want any indication on how things are headed in the next 10 years, look at other places where arabic muslims have become a sizeable portion of society. Look at Europe. Socially, economically, Europe has always started down the same paths we have yet to travel. Tolerance is one thing…





…but come on…something’s up.

It was there already. Even then, what they’re making right now is not even a mosque. It’s not like they’re making that mosque smack dab in the middle of ground zero. I can understand why everybody’s feelings are so tender about it but everybody should take a step back and look at the situation. Allowing a particular ethnicity to practice their religion in our country is probably one of the most American things we can do.

We’re taking over.

It’s like a Muslim YMCA right? How is it a Mosque?
The thing I really hate about this is that the same people who play this up as the terrorists winning and getting the ignorant all riled up are the same who said we are fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because they hate our freedoms. But we can ignore that whole first amendment thing.

^ I lol’d at your user title.

Never Forget.

The people that are against the mosque are same people that get Communism and Socialism mixed up.