Mosque near ground zero in New York: yay or nay?

What rage? I’m just saying that if things were gonna be a golden time of love and happiness as our arab muslim population grows, we would have seen that in other places that now have larger populations of said group. Europe is our best indication as to how things will go. Ignoring that they are basically us, and are having problems caused by a certain portion of their population as their as said portion grows and betting on a different outcome here with the same group with no evidence to the contrary makes you look kinda naive while you sit there smugly patting yourself on the back, congratulating yourself on abandoning your logic and instinct, as well as basic pattern recognition in the name of tolerance (europe had an excuse. They didn’t have any country similar to them that experienced a non-wartime growth in arabic muslims for them to observe and learn from). For us to totally deny that what’s happening to them and say it can’t possibly happen to us is basically putting out heads in the sand. Look at it like a ship problem: if bulkheads 1-4 all blew out under 50,000psi of internal pressure, and bulkhead 5 is next in line, and constructed the same way…it’s a little dense to assume the same won’t happen. I really hope I’m wrong, but aside from Canada (which none of america’s enemy factions really care about), Europe is the closest to us in model, give or take some government differences, and they seem to be having a rough time of the situation we’re headed for later.

My opinion: The entire Muslim religious group didn’t blow up the world trade center… extremists that happened to be affiliated with religion did… if a christian group flew an airplane into a building… building a christian church would be a non-issue…

Christians are majority(with me being one of them) and Muslim are a minority compared to this group… and minorities are just so easy to pick on…people were picking on minorities(racial, ethnic, religious) before the U.S even existedshrugs

even some muslim spokesperson in canada, outright spoke on the radio and thought it was a stupid idea
so not every muslim is for this thing

Well there was a rumor going around that they’d be willing to sell the property for it’s original asking price, not sure if that was ever substantiated though.

This… I don’t think the second part is relevant, since nonsensical mass generalizations are pretty ubiquitous.

Did they articulate why?

But has anyone given a LEGIT reason why it shouldn’t happen?
I mean we have churches built in this country on a daily basis, why deny a group their right to have one now?

With that, and the imam running the place having said that the us’s policies were responsible for/complicit in 9/11 (taqiyya-esque dancing around that issue translated to plain english: we had it coming)…ehhh, idunno…not exactly filled with optimism here.

Gotta love how the U.S. economy’s in the toilet, millions are jobless, and the country is on the verge of being a Third World nation/police state owned by China, yet this “Mosque-erade” has become the hot button issue of the U.S. midterm elections.

It’s like the politicians/candidates know voters are a bunch of ADHD children, and can easily distract them with crap like this. :looney:

it’s not a mosque >< how can you all be so misinformed >< /sigh

I know they have freedom of religion and all and its their right but its not appropriate. I think a lot of Japanese would be upset if some Americans decided to build a 50 foot statue of Harry Truman in Hiroshima or if a Neo-Nazi group built a rally center next to a Jewish site. So to all the people saying we need to respect the Muslims on this, the Muslims need to respect those who are still sensitive about 9/11.

Ah, it’s good to see Rhio2k pimping hilariously false Fox News talking points as usual.

Anyway, a Tennessee Mosque was set on fire the other day. This isn’t about Ground Zero, it’s about people hating muslims.

From CBS News:

Also the Daily Show had a great segment on it, and it addresses TS’s concern in the second post:

Jon Stewart Slams Right Wingers for Ground Zero Fear Mongering | Video Cafe

Its one thing to be sensitive but its another thing when everyone is on that “Muslims are bad” tip once this mosque thing was brought to light.

But that doesn’t matter. If they want it there then they have every right to. The argument of “yeah, yeah, but really come on” doesn’t hold weight.
And just like others are saying, it doesn’t matter where it is built because biggots come out of the woodwork to try and stop it. I think the only legit reason for it not to be build is the possible violence that may be unleashed towards the building and the muslim community. And to not go through with the building because of that reason would indeed be us losing to the terrorist.

They are obviously training some new breed of aquatic bomb hat wearing men at this place. Any true American can see that this is a recipe for disaster.

I’m sorry but that was a terrible analogy. You would have a point if they were erecting a statue of Osama Bin Laden, but that’s clearly not the case.

Religion, lololol.

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Are you saying that it wasn’t? If you can say with a clean conscience that the US policies have been 100% legit, then more power to you. No one expected the backlash to be so dramatic/severe but everyone expected the backlash.

Back on topic- hell yes they should be able to build a Muslim Community Center 4 blocks from Ground Zero. There is no legitimate reason to not build this building there, despite what the media and Politicians coming up for re-election this year would have you believe.

that Jon stewart vid is pretty insane. I cant believe people are so stupid. Burn the quran on sept 11 in memoriam? yeah thats classy ~

rhio2k im gonna go out on a limb and say you are really really sheltered…gimme a break guy watch some disney channel instead of fox news …:confused:

What should insensitive is that this and 9-11 has become a political stepping stone for politicians.

Also its funny that people are upset about this but had nothing to say about the United Methodist Church in Oklahoma city after the bombings by Timothy McVeigh who is a devout Christian.

They legally acquired their land so the mosque has every right to built there.

Nope on both counts. I just don’t believe everything I’m told when I can look around a bit and see I’m being lied to. But then again, like they say “War is deception”. And I WOULD actually watch tv, but these stupid cable networks just abandoned their channel’s premises. I mean, come ON: wrestling on sci-fi? Kids reality shows on Cartoon network? Tv is in the tubes. I just game, read and surf online now. Nothing worth watching on tv these days, and everything decent ends too soon and is replaced by kiddie crap.

And Infinite, McVeigh was just RAISED Christian. He went atheist, and was quoted as stating “Science is my religion.” And he didn’t bomb in the name of his “faith”…maybe with knowledge gained from it (science, that is), but that’s different than doing something in the name of a totalitarian dogma.