Mosque near ground zero in New York: yay or nay?

The problem is that he watches way too of both, although he only likes “fox” because of its name.

once again angelpalms av is appropriate.

p.s. youre all so stupid. this is an illuminati trap.

McVeigh also said “sort of lost touch with” Catholicism and “I never really picked it up, however I do maintain core beliefs.” but I guessed you got me there. However are you implying that the the tenants of Islam is what made the 9-11 hijackers commit such an atrocity and it wasn’t because of their radically political views? I’ll have to stop you right there .


Why does it matter if the guy backing the building is a loon or not?

Another case of “your news is wrong” “my news is right”.

Its the same fucking case every time.

People who say Fox is false/CNN is false back and forth are both stupid.

Then how about instead of whining about the merits/demerits of a given news channel, we simply talk about issue at hand?

I’ll preface this by saying that I make Glenn Beck look socialist:

AFAIK, there’s no legal reason that it can’t be built ( breaking some sort of zoning laws or w/e ), given that as a start… I see no reason not to build it.

From a political angle though, I find it most disheartening to hear right wingers who normally refer to themselves as constituionalists and in favor of limited government… asking the government to step in to prevent this building from being put up.

my 2 cents: (might offend some people)

building a mosque there would be a stupid idea. the muslims are a minority.

second of all, people do equate muslim to terrorism. you can say its stupid, but they have a point. muslim extremists were responsible for 9/11 (conspiracy theorists, stfu). there were ulterior motives but fact of matter is that they did it in the name of god. people still equate the swastika to nazis despite the fact the swastika has been around much longer. yet this equation is okay?

third, muslim is an aggressive, invasive religion. we don’t need that shit in the 21st century. history has proven that time over time. the centuries old bamiyan buddha statues blown up in afghanistan because of muslim extremists, (in this case, the taliban) because they were against 'false" idoltry. same happened when muslims ripped off the nose of the sphinx. or how muslim leaders deliberately built mosques over old temples in india during the mughal era.

this religion shits over other religions but when the opposite happens, they get extremely offended. i’m sure everyone remembers the danish cartoon controversy and the riots its caused amongst the extremists. then theres the recent incident where muslim transfer students in sweden started a fight because other students portray mohammod as a dog. even more surprisingly is that srk muslim member DHEvil condoned the violence.

the christian religion is just as bad back in the days but they can’t get around doing this dumb shit nowadays.

until the muslim religion becomes less radicalized, less conservative and more respectful towards other religion. they should have no place near ground zero or anywhere.

Islam is one thing, I’m even more scared of that Hugo Weaving cult!!!

Like attracts like. He sets the tone for what things go down there, and in what manner. If he’s radical, he will be stirring the flames of intolerance and Jihad among those who attend. I wonder how long the gay bar next to the place will last without incident. The owner is simply exercising his right to build whatever he likes within city ordinances on land he purchased.

Awfully Orwellian to suggest that a building shouldn’t be built because you think something bad might happen there.

…except the imam is not a radical, in any shape or form, and was actually on fox news plenty of times in the past being touted as a moderate. Rhio2k’s justification for him being a radical islamist is laughable, and if we go by that definition then Rhio2k must think that Glenn Beck is a radical islamist too.

Beck is radical…radically annoying. Dude comes off like a total drama whore/religious nut.

I never said it shouldn’t…I just don’t have high hopes for it being tolerated well by it’s neighbors.

Mods promptly deleted his post (for good reason) while I made my response it was I total eye sore so I’ll edit mines.

Here’s what I’m referring to btw: Stewart RIPS Fox News For Contradictory Statements On Ground Zero Mosque (VIDEO)

LOL, I hope the mods keep this thread open for awhile. Idiots are coming out of the woodwork. :rofl:

I’ve never in my life seen Keith Olbermann act that rational and relatively fair.

On the contrary, the fact that they’re a minority group makes this even more relevant, since the majority opinion doesn’t usually need outside protection since… y’know… it’s the majority.

It’s like a shell game but you can only see what they want you to see with these guys.

I don’t like Muslims because they made nintendo take out the original Fire Temple song, and Mirror Shield symbol in Ocarina of time. X(((((((((

I kid of course…