Most 'accurately' portrayed females in fighters?

Obviously DOA had some insipiration behind this thread but anyway…

What fighting game/series has the most realistic portrayals of women? Considering plenty of games show women wearing bathing suits, underwear, heels, or otherwise “feminine” articles of clothing, what game shows them dressed appropriately? not necessarily convered, just like they look dressed for a fight, not a photo shoot.

I guess this applies to clothes only. maybe fighting styles? what fighting game gives women the most realistic protrayls for their moves? not slaps and sexy kicks, but actual hard hitting, damaging moves.

After some consideration, i had to give it to VF, none of the girls (that i remember) have worn anything that didnt seem like it was slapped on to accentuate their tits and ass…and their moves were pretty solid looking…

Turtle Chun because women can’t really fight, they just sit in the corner while I throw chairs at them.

The Virtua Fighter series was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the title of the thread.

Put me down for VF as well. Although before VF there was Power Instinct, had three female characters and only one of them could be considered a beauty, the other two were a mannish wrestling female and the greatest old woman fighter in the history of gaming.

It is just to bad I forgot all the characters names, except for the fake Ryu of the game, Ryuji.

I don’t know why, but I think King of Fighters girls first and foremost… even though you have babegirls like Mai, Angel, and Blue Mary… you’ve got girls who are pretty moderately dressed and pretty decent portrayals of moves (Vanessa the boxer, Foxy the hot fencer bitch)…

a bit more balanced in terms of that than the Capcom realm… where you’ve got Cammy and the thonged bodysuit, Chun and the thighs that make NO sense (and ankles that need to snap from supporting huge thighs if you play 3s)… etc…

VF wins this hands down. The chicks even have visible muscles and shit.

Never played a VF so I can’t say.

i say fighting vipers, it had that really butch ass chick,
she was all GI jane and shit.

saying that FV had honey and she was just there as eye candy.

natsu from rival schools …

the tallest female cast in that game …

the only girl with the most painful bitch slap

Anji Mito.


That was good.

…and you are a premium member! SHAME!

haha jokez. Pick up VF Remix and start from there. You can also find 4 Evolution and play the old version of the game to start your journey.

…as for this, clothing I cannot seem to think of any. Style-wise, maybe SNK’s Kim replacement girl. She could come off as a teenager. Chun-Li’s costume is not expected. Move wise, 3D fighters do it best. I have seen a woman kick as high as a DOA chic in real life, yet most of the GOOD fighting games are from japan, so that could possibly be a factor…

Realistic female fighters? Look over the UFC roster, how many female fighters do you see? Women just aren’t designed to fight, so them being in a fighting game is already unrealistic. A 120 pound woman simply can’t beat any decent sized male because of the muscle mass difference.

But you’re talking about a genre where energy blasts are created in a person’s fist, and everyone jumps like three times their height. I don’t think ‘realism’ is the goal of any character, male or female.

As for the clothing, I think most women would prefer to be in rather skimpy clothes when performing any physical activity. Take a look at women’s sports, or a gym, or look for women jogging. This would hold true for fighting, and indeed, more so, as I’d expect being able to distract your opponent would be a good advantage to have.

In most gyms I see girls wearing sweatshirts and pants. Which I wouldn’t necessarily call “skimpy” compared to some of the outfits that FG chicks wear.

You forgot to mention the girls who want to wear something that looks cute, like Athena’s dress in kof2k3.

I think Makoto from Third Strike is pretty good for women. She not a ‘woman fighter’…she just a fighter that is a girl. She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t wear skimpy clothes.

Vanessa from KOF I think is cool too. I’m not going to bother with VF characters because sadly VF characters don’t have much personality.

well it’s definatley not VF I have that game and all the female characters have a certain fakeness to them especially Vanessa Lewis. I’d have to go with Tekken or DOA on this one. A Slight edge to DOA becuase there female characters is wat DOA is know for and they do a great job on them. They need to get rid of some of there males characters like Leon and Bayman they fuckin suck!

You’re fucking retarded for even saying DOA has realistic females. Even if you are joking.

Consequentially, you could look to the girls in Rage of the Dragons. They look pretty normal.

Chinatown Fair has VF4. Its right next to Super Turbo.

Mind you nobody plays it, the hardcore VF’ers go to Gametime Nation to play VF4:FT.

Tekken chicks look pretty normal to me. Julia and anna mostly