Most active online fighting game for the PS3


Hey hello, Long time fighting game fan just recently decided to post here. Um like the title says i wanna get in on online fighting, but i don’t wanan end up buying a game and have it be a dead goose. I’m told that chronophantasma extend is pretty active since it has ps3/ps4 cross compatibility. But more options would be nice.


Xrd Blazblue Skullgirls…3rd strike kinda active…but I haven’t played on a ps3 in months… P4U used to be lively it kinda is but a lot of the people are common casual who


I have to disagree with that Xrd and P4U were practically deserted when i tried them. I’ll check on skull girls, and im intent on getting blazblue either way.


P4U has like 4 people on last I checked, Xrd usually has 40-60 in NA.


Oh Street fighter is still active? I thought with street fighter 5 around the corner it would be winding down.


There’s no release date on SF5 yet. SFIV won’t wind down until it actually drops.


Out of all the fighters I own on ps3 (skullgirls,xrd,3SO,etc) Usf4 easily has the most activity.


Tekken Revolution.