Most aerial character? (help me choose a main)

Hey all,
I am currently maining Cammy in SFV but im really fed up with that game and wanna play something else. What I like about Cammy is her instant air divekicks which gives her much more of an aerial game than the other characters. So my question is which BBCF characters have the best moveset while in the air? Also I am fairly averse to 1f links so let me know if they are required for said character. As of now I am considering Mai and Hibiki cuz I dont typically play anime and Sasunoo because he looks dope.

edit: also can yall let me know which chars have meterless reversals and cross-up air normals? thanks :slight_smile:
edit2: yeah hibiki looks like the way to go

mains cammy want someone who can change his air trajection with a divekick like move…mai natsume!

I might be a little off as I’m not an expert on the entire cast by any means, but this is my general understanding.

Amane: No meterless Reversal, mid-range play, stupid amounts of chip damage, plethora of air specials that move him around in unorthodox ways, some of his air buttons add hang-time for their duration
Arakune: No meterless Reversal, zoning play transitioning to setplay with curse, Same as above for movement options
Azrael: Meterless reversal, Heavy rushdown, drive sets up unblockables, has a literal divekick and some busted mixup with instant crossup j.B and his teleport dash
Bang: No meterless reversal, rushdown with a limited resource for damage extension or to help get in, 2 air dashes + Bumpers make for a highly mobile character
Bullet: ** Meterless reversal**, rushdown/quasi-grappler, drive tracks opponents in range and can let her float in the air for a second, requires her drive resource (heat) to be active to have anything resembling decent mobility.
Carl: No meterless reversal, doll/setplay, Doll controls as a second character through negative edge inputs, has broken setplay when the opponent is sandwiched or in the corner.
Celica: ** Meterless reversal** (armor, requires her to have taken SOME damage), rushdown play and one of the basic character archetypes, has a literal divekick, not a ‘doll’ character despite the appearence.
Hakumen: ** Meterless counters** (Drive button), favors defensive play and HEAVY punishes but has some rushdown options available. Some specials alter his air movement.
Hazama: **** REVERSAL OD>EA and ASTRAL ONLY, Rushdown facilitated by his drive (snake chains) give him a varied and non-standard neutral approach, has a litteral divekick, one of the air mobility kings.
Izayoi: [b ]Meterless reversal**, mode-change character, normal mode has typical movement options along with specials that add hang-time, ‘Gain Art’ mode adds morrigan-type hover dashes and an additional air-dash.
Jin:** Meterless reversal**, All-rounder ‘shoto’ type character, has a few moves that add hang-time in the air (fireball, air slash, j.D etc)
Kagura: Meterless reversal (flashkick), rushdown charge character, huge (and slow) buttons take up large parts of the screen, Drive has several mobility options baked into it.
Kokonoe: No meterless reversal, setplay character with traps, controls gravity (push/pull opponent and objects) utilizing her ‘graviton’ gadgets, jC buttons alter air movement slightly.
**Litchi:**Meterless reversal (requires staff), rushdown/setplay character, utilizes her staff to control large amounts of the screen and can also use it for movement options.
Makoto:Meterless reversal, Rushdown shoto-squirrel, has a floaty ‘dive-kick’ where she lands on you with her tail and a special that can feint air/land approaches.
Noel: No meterless reversal, Heavy rushdown, basic movement options but extremely fast, has specific invulnerbilities on her drive attacks, jD, j236C and j2C alter air momentum.
Meterless reversal
(requires the bat item), RNG based gameplay, platinums game plan changes based on what item she has at a given time but she’s mostly rushdown. Has a cloud special where she literally floats there and looks cute. Also a pogo stick.
Rachel: No meterless reversal, Zoning/setplay, Drive lets rachel push herself, her opponent and anything else on screen as long as she has the resource for it, This gives her extreme mobility options at any point in her game.
Ragna: Meterless reversal, Rushdown shoto-type, Has several specials that wildly alter his air movement (air DP, gauntlet hades, bloodscythe, nightmare edge).
Relius: Meterless DODGE, Rushdown/doll, Uses his doll as an auxillary attack but does not manually control it’s movement like Carl does, Doll moves can be used to cover his approach, attack zoners or just add pressure.
Tager: no meterless reversal (wedge is fast but not frame 1), Grappler, Lowest mobility in the game but makes up for it by magnetizing his opponent and sucking them into his range. Has the fastest projectile in BB.
Taokaka: no meterless reversal, “I dont even know” gameplay. Extreme mobility with use of her drive and specials (LOTS of air movement).
Tsubaki: Meterless reversal, heavy rushdown, Has an air fireball and a ‘dive-kick’, can utilize her drive (meter charge) mid-string to reset pressure or open certain combo routes or just float in the air for a bit. Can make her reversal ‘safe’ through use of her drive meter.
Terumi: No meterless reversal, heavy rushdown, gains meter extremely fast with his drive moves and spends it just as quickly to convert into large damage.
Valkynhyn: No meterless reversal, Wolf form adds extreme mobility options (full screen jumps can be a thing) in the air but can not block. Mixup and pressure in wolf form are pretty nutty.
Lambda-11: No meterless reversal (22D has no iframes, it just moves her away quickly), Zoner with a few unsafe rushdown options.
Nu-13: No meterless reversal, Very similar to lambda with with better zoning thanks to her drive being the better of the two and a tracking projectile.
Mu-12: Meterless reversal (armor), Zoning/Setplay character, utilizes her ‘steins’ to apply pressure and zone with, big damage in the corner, can air DP and use her drive moves to maintain air time.

Es: Meterless reversal, shoto-type character with emphasis on spacing, huge hitboxes with her sword and projectiles, can use air projectiles to hang in the air (recovers before landing and can air dash/hit buttons on the way down). Unsafe pressure options (gaps for days)
Hibiki: Meterless reversal, rushdown, buttons for days, drive allows him to call out zoning attempts and generally teleport around but loses hard to anything that tracks movement.
** Izanami:** No meterless reversal, Rushdown/Setplay. Drive attacks operate independently of Izanami and can be used regardless of what she’s doing, can not block while drive is ‘active’. No air dash/double jump but instead can float in the air and utilze her entire ground-moveset while floating. Has a divekick type move.
Mai: No meterless reversal, Rushdown/spacing. Low-effort inputs allow her to be easily picked up, offense relies heavily on frametraps and spear-dive traps. Has high damage output.
Naoto: Meterless reversal, Rushdown discount-Ragna. Drive breaks guard and lets him hang in the air until released, Very strong pressure options and decent damage. Dash cancels enhance his specials.
Nine: Meterless reversal (requires a spell stocked), Zoning/setplay. Teleport dash gives her unique movement options (backdash is not frame1 invuln though), ice resets along with her spell options make her very threatening on offense.
Susanoo: Meterless reversal (must be unlocked every round), Rushdown play with strong damage output. Must unlock most of his specials by using his drive every round to expand his options. Air mobility is standard.

wow! thanks for the amazing answer! this is like everything i need!