Most amazing Grand finals MarlinPie(cammy) vs Santhrax(Sagat) 8 on the break weekly



[media=youtube]jvb17-tNLjE]YouTube - The Break Weekly #93 - GF - [FYC] MarlinPie VS [EMP[/media]

Very sick match. You guys need to see it


Very entertaining, and educating.

God these guys are good…


Godlike matches. Marlin pie with the c.hp ch into ultra ughhhhhh.


Yeah! … Congratulations to Marlin pie.


Good shit to Marlie pie. Can anybody explain wtf happened at 12:13? Cammy does FA, and then forward dashes the other way?


deadly. but woah random dps as soon as 2 bars are available. omg rushdown sagat.


he kept getting 1 hit of hk arrow when punishing sagats dp, im not sure if he’s using mk arrow.

all i know to get 2 hits out of c.hp,, hk sa punish you need to wait little for sagat to be fully standing, not in ground bounce animation (?) lol.

otherwise c.hp push sagat far so hk sa ends up hitting 1 time and sometimes if you do it too early it doesnt even combo with :mad:

matchup knowledge baby :cool:



I think the dash auto-corrected (as in you input a forward dash while getting crossed up, but you get a backdash instead). I’ve been playing a lot of Makoto lately, and I’ll get an auto-corrected dash sometimes. It’s never happened to me while playing Cammy, but I know it happens.


One of the best imo!


I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure when you dash out of FA it automatically resets your facing so that you always dash in the direction you pressed, where even if you start the FA facing left you’ll dash as if you were facing right if someone crossed you up.

The reason that exists is because the alternative is worse. If you’re not in FA and your dash gets autocorrected, you do the same type of dash but in the wrong direction. This knowledge is burned into me from a long time ago when a fuerte did point-blank U1, I input :b::b: and apparently that meant “dash to the right, eat ultra.”


wow that was some incredible play. here’s hoping that AE is a standalone disc so tkcs cammy lives on!