Most amazing Happ/iL arcade sticks you've ever seen


I’m just about all japanese stickED out for the moment. I’ve collected quite a few myself including my awesome SDCC TE stick. Since the hype for SFIV was created early this year, all we’ve really seen is new japanese style sticks being made by manufacturers and even new businesses started on this forum that make custom sticks that won’t house the good 'ol Happs some of us grew up playing with. I would like to get a thread started for posting pictures exclusively of the most bad ass Happ sticks you’ve seen made. I know I’ve been craving some Happ nostalgia since MvC 2 came out but Madcatz or no other company out there has considered making a good out-of-box Happ stick with a straight, american button layout. I would love to see a perfectly packaged, awesome, licensed stick with acrylic top and swappable art capabilities. We all know about the SF AC stick by Nubytech but that was rip off parts and last generation systems. I know it can be done better. Sometimes I miss the old days…

Edit: MAS or Arcade-in-a-Box doesn’t count.


Heres mine:


I hope this counts. I’m working on The Arcadian, remember those? Hopeful everything goes well and by the end of the weekend I can post up some finish photos.

Thats the shell, the buttons aren’t even screwed in yet.

Wiring harness and the MADCATz PCB

Full top view.

Underside view


If you read the first post, 2 brands are mentioned, why not plug them in to google hey?


Which buttons are those? Did you manually swap the body and the plungers? And if so, how did you do it?

Many thanks! :smile:


Nice! Crazy how you were able to stain the different grains of wood two color shades. Nice.


haha awesome, how do you like it so far? i totally forgot about that stick. i know where i may be able to get a snes one from.


The buttons are Ultimate buttons and yes I manually swap out the body and Plungers. All you need is a nose plier really and just apply some pressure on the plunger tabs at the bottom.

I can’t wait to play SF4 and MvC2 oh, and HD remix! Its good. I just need to do a few more things. I’m thinking of a different color scheme for it. White case, Blue Happ stick and Black and Blue Competition buttons.


Hmmm, interesting… Thanks for the info, gonna try it on happ competitions and mod my stick a bit more!


Picked one of these off Ebay from a custom builder. Very pleased (I got the Akuma one). Got lots of love for both American and Japanese parts. I just go back and forth between Happ custom and TE w/LS-32.


Those are nice! Do you have an e-mail for this guy? It looks like the only way to message him is through MySpace and I don’t have an account with them.


Here is a link to an auction, this is the same guy who makes these with LCD screens in the panel for move reference


Thats my friend Rob and he is in hawaii, He does very nice work, If your in hawaii he has a special on the ps3 stick for $135 all happ parts. If you need his email or phone number pm me.


Those look awesome.


Here’s mine. Stick build journal here.

Lizardlick sent me a regular button by mistake, so I used that for one of the system buttons. The rest of the stuff is happ comps. I totally love the happ comp stuff. Not sure why it always gets such a bad rap.

I planned to make a jap stick but never got around to it. Might do an ultra simple plexy jap stick with exposed wiring.



That’s sexy.


Here is my all Happ stick. I beat much ass online with this baby!


Nice sticks guys, good work, gotta love the stick depth with 1/2" panel and plexi on top


Love the stick L-dubb. Did you make that yourself?


Awesome stick! That 90 degree plexi is the shit! Gotta love TAP plastics.