Most and Least Entertaining Characters to Watch


I think that this is an interesting question - what characters are more entertaining to watch? I do know that the players are a large part, but in general, which characters do you like to see playing?

For me, most entertaining are:
Ken - the way he is an aggressive yet patient character, also his srk looks cool :slight_smile:
Dhalsim - watching a pro dhalsim completely dominate someone by shutting off all their options and stopping them from jumping or doing anything is really entertaining. Also when they use u2 as an anti air (torimeshi).
Hakan - seeing a good hakan do that pressure with the focus dash cancel into normal stuff just looks so cool
Cody - his pressure, in your face normals, crazy links and his JP voice actor all make him really fun to watch
Fei long - seeing a fei with great reactions whiff punish every single move

Least entertaining:
El Fuerte - pisses me off, no further explanation needed
Rufus - just not very exciting or varied
Seth - the same flowchart stuff gets old quick



I personally don’t care much.
These players are trying to win here, not entertain.


Enjoyable: Ryu, Evil Ryu, Sim, Akuma, Gen, (Juri, Ibuki, Hakan, Dan, Ken, Oni)
Sometimes yay, sometimes bleh: Fei Long
Not entertaining: Seth, Viper, Rufus, Rog
Pure hate: El Fuerte


Everybody knows that and it’s completely irrelevant to the question. It’s about the characters and not the players. Read the OP.

I personally like a lot of the more obscure characters and get really hype when you start seeing some of that lesser known tech in clutch moments. Notable characters include Yang, Hakan, Juri, Gen, and sometimes Oni. Usually I’m very entertained when I see tech I’ve never seen before so that can be character.


These characters don’t play themselves.


The players effect how a character is played, but their personal feelings about entertaining or not don’t. I don’t like wolfkrone as a person, and I doubt he gives a shit about me, but his Viper is still entertaining to watch. Why are you being dumb about this.


Most entertaining to watch:

  • Dirty mixups
  • Characters with great tools
  • Effective zoning
  • Siberian Blizzard
  • Big damage/stun off bad mistakes (missed DP? eat SPD.)
  • El fuerte
  • Blanka
  • Seth Combos

Least entertaining to watch:

  • Repeated blockstrings/pressure into throw.
  • Characters whose tools are nullified by down-back, forcing them to throw constantly.
  • Characters with mediocre tools in general. They usually end up throwing a lot.
  • Gimmick characters that are easy to read once you figure them out.
  • Rose
  • Cammy
  • U2 Juri

To clarify, I got nothing against grabs. It’s the best thing to do against opponents who block too much. It’s just some characters can’t do much of anything else against defensive players, and so throwing becomes their best option. Universal throws aren’t all that great, so when a character depends on them, it becomes depressing to watch.


Most Entertaining
Characters with Command Grabs

Least Entertaining
Everyone else except Rufus


Most entertaining : Rufus, Fei Long, Sagat, Ken, Zangief, Guile and Akuma

Least entertaining : Chun Li, Juri, Cammy, Dan, Ibuki, El Fuerte