Most annoying thing in marvel 3


Whats one thing that just makes you go WTF or “why…? just wow”

For me, its when I face a zero player and im blocking and everything BUT all of a sudden he gets this hit on me and I just say out loud “Wait…what did I get hit by?”

then you know the rest…super, otg, x-factor, super, dead


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When I am getting hit and my Haggar bops the other character, and the other guy’s assist comes out and gets bopped too, and I otg>happy birthday. It’s annoying because I laugh uncontrollably and end up looking like a douche while the other guys is salty as fuck, but I can’t help myself laughing at how silly this game.


As I was keeping out a Wolverine, he Berserker Slashed right through one of my pineapples and got my butt combo’d straight after he charged up. I was like “but it was right on the ground!”


I swear there’s a thread like this one already.


The ability to rapid fire L pisses the fuck out of me.


Phoenix, air shot, shot shot, teleport lowkick x28747
Lay some fire birds for your incoming character teleport wall-bound, KO!

Disrupter + Doom beam assist is impossible to get by without a good mobility or teleport, because when you get close magneto will just magnetic shockwave you back to the corner


We already have a “Vanilla MvC3, wtf were they thinking” thread thingy