Most arcade perfect versions?

I’m sure these are all listed somewhere, but what versions do most console tournies use/what is accepted to be the best for:


As far as I know:
CCC2 for PS2 for ST
DC for 3s
DC definitely for MvC2
? CvS2

I have basically everything (PS2 CvS2, DC/PS2 Marvel, DC/PS2 3s (SFAC), PS2 ST (SFAC/CCC2)). I don’t know much about AE for ST, but I have about everything else covered.

PS2 3S, DC version isn’t accurate.

DC CvS2, PS2 version is good too.

Alright, thanks. I know DC for Marvel, and I figure either PS2 version of ST is fine. I’d been playing DC 3s until last week when I got SFAC in the mail, and I use PS2 for CvS2 because I don’t have a DC copy. Seems like I have everything I need. Thanks. :wink:

AE on PS2 isn’t good for ST, CCC2 however is. So yeah, you’re set.

Marvel - DC
ST - CCC2 for PS2
3s - AE on PS2 is the closest acceptable version.

Still playing 3s on my DC. Goddamn Capcom releases AE without 3s over here.

How much is a US copy of it now?

Then wtf is on AE?

Only HSF2

Wow that blows donkeys. Why do they call it AE then…

Cause Capcom sucks donkey nuts. I’m gonna get it for PS2 soon though. We only have t5 and 3s tournaments over here, so I have to get better.

where are you from? Japan?

either europe or australia

…how so? I keep hearing this.

…that went well.

From what I hear, it’s input lag. That or, just lag on the input command for parrying. =/

input lag and no unblockables.

input lag on analog buttons, no unblockables, incorrect sprite sizes/hitboxes… etc

Uh, because Anniversary Edition is HSF2? It’s Anniversary Collection that has both AE and 3S.

On DC 3s, I’m pretty sure Chun-Li can’t wait half an hour to buffer SAII after low forward like she can on PS2 and Arcade.

I think I got mine used for around 20 bucks. You’d have to figure in S&H for yourself, of course.

What are the specific differences? (Assuming you’re using only the SSF2T or SSF2 options, of course.)