Most Beautiful Fighting Game Poster Ever - KOF XI

Hiroaki is God:


Yeah that’s pretty good. Can’t wait to play that fuckin game.

Elizabeth is fuckin hot.

Too bad Iori and Kyo look so effeminate.


I’m makin’ that my desktop.

Nice, but my favorite still goes to the pink 02 one, I have that one on my wall. ^_^V

That screen on the right reminds me of Urien’s stage.

Edit :: Does anyone have a high quality 02 pink one? Cause the best one I’ve found is still pretty bad.


Must … Have … It!!!

That ones nice, but i still say the imported poster in my room is the ultimate.

where can i get one!?

You know, I have to agree. Marvel vs Capcom 2 character art has always impressed me.

right…:rolleyes: that KOf11 art is siq very nice:tup:

dude, ur avatar is the fucking SHIT!!!:pray:

The one for King of Fighters 2000 was on par with XI’s.