Most boring/hated stretches of generally good games


Sometimes you reach a section of a video game you really like that is so boring or so bad, that you almost decide to stop playing it altogether. I can think of quite a few, SRK probably has more too.

-The South American mission of Ninja Gaiden 2(360 version): Holy balls did this mission suck ass. Terribly lit, areas in the game where you literally cannot avoid getting hit because of the way the enemies spawn, tedious fish shooting, and easily the worst boss fights in the entire game(that worm section in particularly, which has the ugliest looking textured area I’ve seen in a 360 game). Luckily, Sigma 2 fixes a lot of these and makes it playbale, but MAN…

-ACT 4 of MGS4. I’m not that big a fan of the whole game(if you can call it a game), but holy hallways Batman. If it wasn’t all the tedious ass cutscenes(seriously Kojima, hire a screenwriter, or better yet let David Hayter look over it) its the endless hallway running.

-The Fade from Dragon Age Origins. I wanted to fucking hang myself. Just the most boring thing ever.


Ocarina of Time: Water Temple
Modern Warfare 2: The two Rio missions, especially on Veteran. I wanted to punch my own balls off.
MGS2: The Emma part


Shenmue 2 Guilin part.

I hate that playing that part when I realize part 3 will never come out.


God of War Hades, enough said

Also the Resident Evil section of the first Uncharted, just stupid.


Sonic underwater levels.


Any underwater level or any level that requires swimming.


I’m with you on this one cause it’s the most fresh in my mind. Getting into Outer Heaven is not fun at all, the hallway with no enemies in it dumb, the Gekko filled hallways after the Mantis fight is retarded if you don’t have Chaff and retarded easy if you do. The only good parts of Chapter 4 are the Mantis fight and the Liquid fight. The rest of it hardly counts as gameplay. It’s also extremely long when you watch it but about an hour long when you skip said cinematics and only do the gameplay. Like wha? O.o


Stealth missions in non-stealth games.


[media=youtube]ATeMF_5mazY"[/media] in Megaman X8.


Any Escort mission.


this right here, I hate swimming parts in games especially swimming in 3D. I dunno why but I just can’t do them very well.


WTF is that shit?!


I can’t even watch that video past a minute. That’s pretty bad.


1. CommSpheres(Final Fantasy X-2
It’s one of my favorite games of all time, but the exodus of Chapter 4 can fuck right off. I don’t want to check up on the rest of Spira and see how cute they are in the hot springs. I want to kick ass.

2. First visit to the Citadel(Mass Effect)
I only say this because I’ve done it so many times. It was full of wonder and amazement at first, but now I feel like I fuckin’ live there. Just make me a Spectre and get on with it.

3. Down the Tubes(Earthworm Jim)
I hated this level. I hated it harder than I hate most things, largely because if it was removed, Earthworm Jim would be one of the best games ever. I don’t want to float around in the flimsiest submersible of all time, Jim. I want awesome platforming segments and I want to shoot things.


That was the first one that came to mind. It was worse than the Russian-themed one from NG 1 with the multi-rocket soldiers. And that worm… that fucking worm.


-Bioshock: Escoring the Little Sister. Escorting missions are fucking stupid in any and all games. Don’t make us do this.
-Gears of War 1: Assaulting the drilling platform against the Locust with the crossbows on Insane.
-Hitman 2: The bug-infested Japan level of infiltrating the castle. Enemies would walk in front of trucks, die, and you’d get blamed and attacked because of it. They could also identify you 300 feet away in blinding snow while you were wearing a fucking mask and goggles.
-MW + MW2: The whole game on Veteran. Infinitely respawning enemies is fucking retarded. The game turned into a made dash to the next section which would stop the hordes from spawning behind you instead of, y’know, a shooter.


near the end of zelda ww… you had to search the entire fucking sea for i think 8 triforce pieces. That has got to be the MOST annoying bullshit i have ever done in a video game, bar none. Not only that, but you had to grind for rubies to give to tingle so he can give you the LOCATIONS for these pieces.

its a good game, but ive only done like 2 playthroughs on that game, soley because of that part


um yeah MW2 didn’t have inifinitely respawning enemies.




Modern Warfare 2: Another vote for the two Rio missions. Those two were incredibly aggravating.


Mario 64- Rainbow Road