Most Broken Fighter Right Now


What’s the most broken fighter right now?


Under Night In-Birth/Marvu 3.


E’s Laf.


Well okay! Now that we have that settled, I think it’s time for a new thread topic:

Who is the most emotionally broken fighter right now?




My copy of vanilla SFxT after I smashed it with a hammer


Marvel vs. Chris G 3.


Marvel’s not broken enough. Not until the Prophecy comes true.


Marvel aint. Talking bout mr. Soul fist. Hes a broken man… cryin he wont do evo… smh


MvC3 isnt broken yet IMO because aside from TAC infinites, what has been discovered about the engine that isn’t supposed to be possible?

they removed the DHC glitch


DHC glitch still the most overhyped thing ever. If you aren’t playing shitty characters, 2 meters and assist wills the majority of the cast in UMvC3. Oh that’s right, people are gonna cry “but it was meter positive.” Man who gives a shit? Magneto was gonna make you suck toes for no meter and free resets all day. Scrubs killing you with one random touch is still what happens so…why not let it happen faster?


As for the notable ones that are new releases in the past few years. UMVC3. Beside the infinites and gap between the best and worse there’s so many variables to factor with a 3v3 team based game with a 50 unique character roster.


marvel 3 is kusoge, but I donno if I would call it “broken”


i guess this is relevant


Under Night In Birth, so broken that it basically killed itself :rofl:


It has to be Marvel 3. In Street Fighter 4 the big complaint is unblockables…everyone complains about them and want them removed. Marvel has unblockable setups as well but there are so many other broken things in that game that nobody cares about unblockables. That speaks volumes.


Is that that weird obscure Blazblue-esque fighter that got its own thread? Did that ever come out here? I always wanted to try it because it just looked so damn hilariously broken and fun.

Also, most broken fighter? Ultimate Storm 3.


Is all about of the context, what works in a game, in other can break it.


It’s not broken and it’s very successful in Japan so what are you talking about?


Yeah, i know that is an exaggeration, but you have to admit, the game almost died after a couple of weeks of its release due how broken it was, the release of BBCP didn’t help of course, it was until the game got like 2 patches where people started playing it again, but is not that big yet.
Hopefully the revision will hone the rough parts, the game has a lot of potential.

“Vanilla” UNIB was very broken with the ex seeds and the phase shift prolonging the combos.