Most BROKEN Fighting Game Characters


Pet shop, Ivan ooze?


Is Ivan Ooze #1?


Then list is accurate.


Ah pet shop and Ivan ooze are number 1 and 2. Didn’t watch the vid lol


I don’t think Karnov is THAT overpowered. I’ve played Fighter’s History and there are definitely characters that can fight him. He’s definitely A or S tier like Ukyo in Samurai Shodown 2 or Kabal in UMK3, but not really broken imo.


Add MK1 Sonya to that. You cant hit her with anything on block, because is a free Lega grab into infinite. And also ALL standing low punches whiff on her when she is crouched.

Kabal is no longer S tier on UMK3 btw.


BR3 Uranus is Ivan Ooze tier, she has a easy to land infinite of a high/low/left/right teleport follow up (think Decapre break from USF4 but 100% safe and instantly kills if it lands) has all of the Beast abilities (jump canceling etc) while in human, has an unblockable 1f super for around 80% damage that leads into her infinite, the fastest attacks in the game, ridiculous hitboxes, has a move that leaves you in block stun for 60 frames and the most broken thing of all a back dash that is so fast and goes so far she is untouchable, her back dash is so strong the game itself cant keep up and any character trying to chase her will stop at the point she started the back dash as if they were being blocked by her collision, its also fully cancelable with no recovery.

Edit: Her infinite


I heard Noob Saibot was pretty OP in one of the games, MKT i think. Would you say Sonya is still more OP/dominant?

Wow, that sounds insane, i’ll check it out.


Toki is not near as bad a Rei

I swear that i posted that, but it seems that it was only saved, not that it matters now, since op edited his post, so is no longer relevant :rofl:


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This looks ridiculous, Toguro literally looks unbeatable. I swear it looks like he cancels out of hit stun sometimes.


who said karnovs is over powered? Was this game talked about in a post that im missing??? Anyway, People should watch some of the matchs me and the japanese use to have back in the day. He is good but not overpowered. Game runs that fine line of being clusterfucky and actually deceptively skillful and one of the most advanced games for its time. I would watch good people play it, and dont listen to people oh he has ballooon lolz. These are the same kinda people that think guy in alpha 1 just touched with anything and auto won because he has a redizzy combo that worked in certain versions of the game. People that have never actually won a tournament in their life.

IMO FHD tiers are…

Ray, lee, zazzie, then karnov. He is the weakest of the top 4 because he has the worst dizzy spot. He has a ton of bullshit no doubt, but in a game where you can lose in one combo. Its hard for me to say he is better than the people above him. Zazzie is one of the most brain dead scrub a dub characters ever created, but again he just doesnt have as good as dizzy spots to protect himself, so characters with big combos can one shot him as well.

after that jean is next in his own tier.


Yummy, samchay, mizoguchi. Some people try to say mizoguchi is better, but lets be honest, besides me and like one other japanese guy, who ever showed his loop combos were possible in real matchs? None that I ever recall. And they are big combos no doubt, and honestly I think from a gameplay perspective he is a great character because he has so many interesting potential links, and can actually aim for dizzy spots etc etc, hes a great concept for a character when played at a high level in what is now the history of video games I think when you consider the time this game was made, and what he can do. Hes actually very interesting. But you just dont get enough off it to make him good like the others. Also worst fireball in game, doesnt have a ‘lame’ you out kinda move. And his most scrub a dub move if you will DP, actually can be punished by some of the weaker characters in the game. Samchay is just solid nothing special but hes decent enough. Yummy shuts down a lot of characters and has some potential infinites and bullshit, but just at the end of the day has some weakness as well, and not as good as above her…

After that its another drop, and you got a big clusterfuck of characters, some worse than others… Some do better vs maybe the group above them, but for a general idea they are gonna have a hard fucking time vs the top 5. Not even gonna get into it.

Anyway I didnt see the karnov post I missed it but since it was mentioned. Anyway again very deceptively complex game for its time, although it most certainly does run a fine line of being extremely clusterfucky and bullshit at times.


The OP mentioned him as a contender before he edited his post.


Champion Edition Bison is a classic example. Scissors infinite, many lockdown patterns that some characters can do nothing about, crossup crushers that make ST Vega walldives look blockable, and if you block you are eating 5-6 chip damage and he lands safe to do cr.LP x2 crusher again in the corner for more free damage. Not to mention that the crusher also has massive priority and if you lack a DP/projectile you will have a really hard time countering it.

Fun times.


don’t forget, Zazzie is softbanned in Japan.


I dont recall the ever japanese saying zazzie is soft banned, they play him just as much as anyone else that I see. So I cant comment on that maybe he is to a extent, all i know is I played a lot of japanese in this game, beat everyone and I can say in my experience like I said no doubt zazzie like I said is one of the most brain dead scrub a dub characters ever created. But at the end of the day, its a game, no one is perfect, and zazzie can get one shotted. No doubt what someone has to do to one shot zazzie takes way more skill than what zazzies one shot combos are but point still stands it can happen to him. Where as ray and lee, they both can protect their dizzy spots and move them around, and hell they can just default to ducking durning a lot of combos vs them and the combos wont work. So you got characters like ray who are just so fast anyway, very little recovery, and you just cant punish them hard enough for their mistakes enough to ever discourage their mind set enough. Where as zazzie you can still technically mix him up with something to kill him in one combo.

Whatever the case comparatively to the rest of the cast the top 5, and top 4 specifically are all very strong. But certainly in the grand scheme of the game its hard to say anyone is “broken” per say just because of how many characters have powerful things.


Karnov always wins, Show me one high level video of Karnov actually losing…Just joking, You sound pretty knowledgeable about the game, i believe you.

Well i was more or less just naming characters off the top of my head at first. Karnov just happened to be one of them.

But anyways, I think OP/Broken characters can pretty much be broken down into 3 categories.

  1. God characters- characters that pretty much literally can not be beaten. (i.e Ivan Ooze)
  2. Soft banned characters- Characters that some might argue should or shouldn’t be banned (i.e O.Sagat, Metaknight)
  3. Over powered characters- OP Characters that are very dominant in the game, but not quite enough to be banned. (i.e 3S Chun Li/Yun)

I already have a lot of characters that i haven’t put in the list yet. Still organizing, researching ect. Takes time. But i’m ranking by strongest to weakest, ranking mostly by the overall dominance a characters has in the game.


As obscure as shit as it is, Gundam Battle Assault 3 (the one that’s practically a Gundam SEED game with sprinkling of Wing/G Gundam characters), I at least know that Aile Strike, Freedom, Justice and Forbidden Gundams had easy-as-fuck infinites.


ha the funny thing is dude those matchs are taken from nico nico. And you know what, if you go watch a lot of those nico nico matchs. If you see a america dude honestly kinda dominating them. Its a good chance its me lol, especially if you see a mizo hitting all the links and loops. Theres like maybe one other guy ive seen in japan ever hit the punish/dizzy sorta combo. Never seen anyone just hit it off raw hurricane kicks consitently. But ive never actually seen that i recall I actually made most them quit GGPO, and what was the other thing called back in the day supercade? Or something. They said I was to good and no one would play me. Its one of the reasons I play with and have so many fake names now. Randomly play games under a fake name for awhile, once it becomes known I switch to a new one and repeat the cycle lol. There was actually a 2chan thread about it somewhere but man so many years ago now. Id still randomly play on fightcade or something now if I had a better controller/more time/ and someone could figure out how to make fightcade not lag so bad on windows 8.


The thing here is, while Noob has a male ninja sprite, taking off all his specials, he is suceptible to all that male ninjas are. That is heavy damaging comhos from everyone, punishable on block sweeps/hks/lks but also has the godlike normals they all have. Playing vs him with a perfect block can win you a match, but if he hits you with his pop up or specials, its all done or almost done.

What happens with sonya is that if she crouch blocks NO SAFE MOVE TOUCHES HER, with that I refer to jabs cancelled with block for making them safe. And the ones that hit her are punishables with Leg Grab wich goes into a dumb infinite. Oddly enough, she CANT hit anyone crouch blocking with her jabs too haha.

Only Sub can fight her BUT if he lands the first hit. She has to chase him and all she does on his block is punishable with Slide. So in that match, if Sub DONT make any mistake, he can win via time out. You have to be very patient and also remember that Slides have a cooldown time between them, but Leg Grab doesnt.

I will see if I can find a match that shows this.

Edit: while not a match per se, is something as dumb as this (you dont even need to juggle the opponnent first):


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