Most Combos?


Whats the best way to get the most combos in practice mode with recover super gauge. Im guessin A groove is the best choice, but which character?
I was just wonder if its posible to do 100 combo or very high combo hits with just the limited time with A groove. Like repetition of a certain move.


Biggest combos? Eh, best anyway… try A groove - Sakura, Bison, Vega, Akuma… lots of others.


Vega is a good A battery, but his CCs suck for the most part.


Well, I meant in the scheme of an A-Groove team, but ya, your right. Sakura, Bison, and Akuma are the best? I’d say. Usually between Sak/Bison…


Vice has a 100+ hits corner CC… its like… them just a bit away from the corner, crossup short, blah blah, shoulder ram(going away from the corner), air sleeve (now they’re floating in the air and they are in the corner, since the air sleeve causes the opponent to switch sides) activate, [s.jab, tiger knee qcb roundhouse straight up]xN. Since the Slashy kicky thing is tiger knee’d, it hits going up and down… pretty nice damage, really really really flashy, but hard as shit to do. Just gotta remember the s.jab before the tiger knee’d qcb kick move or else she’ll jump backwards and do it, and you want to go straight up.

Anywho, I’ve only done this CC like twice, it took me awhile to get it… but I’ve never managed to pull it in a real match… possibly because I don’t even play A-groove; I’m just a really big Vice fan.

You can also get a pretty high hit count doing just Todo’s qcf punch wave move, but I don’t think its his most damaging CC. Just remember, hit count is good, but what happens before the first 9 hits or so determines alot of the damage a CC will do, thats why most CCs start with a few fierces or roundhouses, before the damage scaling gets in.

If you want high numbers with ease and utility, just use Bison or Sakura… both have insanely strong CCs that are pretty easy to pull off.

Check out for some good A-groove stuff, in the Games section.