Most common Sanwa button

First off I would like to apologize ahead of time if a thread of this nature exists already. I tried all the stickies about arcade sticks and did many keyword searches but never found the answer I was looking for. My question is what is the most preferred and common Sanwa button. I am about to officially put down my order to buy a custom arcade stick from a stick builder I’m pumped!



Sanwa OBSN or OBSF. Same button except one has a nut on it.

Yes, as Canto said. Basically screw in vs snap.

OBSF - snap in, and are more commonly used in Japanese arcade cabinets with thin metal control panels.

OBSN - screw in (with nut) and are recommended for use with wood/thicker control panels.

I see that there are 30 mm and 24mm types, and maybe some others I’m not sure. What do you guys like? Thanks for the quick response guys!

People usually use 30 mm’s for gameplay, and usually if at all the 24’s for Start, back, Guide/Home etc.

Take a look at the I love my custom stick gallery, there are tons of examples.