Most complicated character?


So some characters in the game are “easy” to learn for me, like shotos, rufus and abel (opinion ) but who are complicated to learn?




Viper or Gen. I can only speak for Gen, but he’s got alot of executionheavy stuff combined with the fact that he has two stances.


Undoubtedly Viper and Gen. Viper in the less traditional sense since she is a lot more gimmicky and ‘‘non sf’’ in her style, and Gen because he’s like a swiss army knife. He has so many tools and small nuances to master, not to mention a LOT of character specific gimmicks like oga cross-ups, unblockables, etc.


Viper, Gen, and to a certain extent, Ibuki.


Oni? Command overload + getting fucked by shortcuts because of that sounds like goodtimes. But Gen, definitely. Twice the normals to grok and need to press buttons fast with all the stance changes and hands. Plus he’s half normal, half charge character. (Charge? Hsss. Thank goodness I play Akuma/Ryu, no charge no cry. Still salty about Guile having all those delicious fireball travel speed options though)


Gen undoubtedly but I feel Guy is up there as well.


If I had to make a list of the top 5 hardest of sorts I would say:

  • Gen
  • Viper
  • Ibuki
  • Guy
  • Sakura (she always seemed like a very linkheavy character with quite a few 1 framers, I dont know her well enough though admittedly…)?


Id say Chun is one of the harder ones to play at a higher level. In order to do any real damage you need to do the loop, which is kind of hard. Not to mention, her play style completely changes depending on the matchup. Hell, you cant use the same anti airs for the entire cast. Everyone has different ones and different spacing


Gen, Viper, Add Dhalsim as well…

Same buttons have two different move sets depending on how you hold the joystick, Floaty jump, low health/stun, has an IAT to learn after his standard teleports.


Viper and Guy.


Viper isn’t hard, get past the execution barrier and you derp the same thing in any matchup.

Sagat and gen imo.


Some characters are hard to execute with like Viper, while others are hard to learn and use properly.

Evil Ryu has low health, slow normals, a lack of tools for his low health, and he has numerous 1f links in his combos that turn people off. His one thing is he hits hard but you really have to work hard to get in, and with slow footsies most just end up waiting to punish mistakes.

He’s very hard to win with, especially when some characters have pretty much better, everything else (except damage).

Generally people are going to nominate their characters though, with a few exceptions.


Makoto too. requires perfect execution and timing. also one of the characters easier to play on a keyboard btw


Was waiting for someone to say this. Great normals but the ultra slow walkspeed is very hard to get used to. Her command grab is also much different from other command grabs. Super rewarding character though


I think the only objective answer is Viper + Gen though. Both of them have high execution barriers compared to the rest, and on top of that both are not very easy to use even if you have the execution down. Viper being unorthodox with her sjc into ultra and meterless fadc which are unique to her and require abit of skill to pull off in the heat of battle let alone just in training mode consistently. Gen having so many damn tools and you always have to realise what stance you are in and press those 3 extra buttons, but even past the superficial two stance barrier, he is just a hard character anyway, like Necrotrophic said, Gen also has multiple anti-airs which are used in different situations. The whole character just has so many situational/character dependant things.

I also think characters that rely on alot of links are generally ‘hard’ like Sakura (dem tatsu loops) and ibuki (also dem loops).

My 0,02


In terms of execution it would be Gen and Viper, although Viper has great tools and is much more viable when learned. Some characters, like E. Ryu are VERY noob unfriendly. No gimmicks, slow normals (even though he is a footsie character), lacks tools, hits hard but so do other characters. He doesn’t have really anything you can “gimmick” out even against new players. Viper and Gen do have a few tricks (as does most of the cast) they can squeeze out. E. Ryu has to take the long path and really learn those matchups and spacing. He also has many 1f links in his combo that would be annoying to pull off, especially if online.

So complicated can really mean numerous things. In terms of dexterity some characters are higher than others, but others have it harder matchup wise. So it depends.


I don’t think Sakura’s links are that hard except regular shou’oken fadc to cst. hp. It feels hard as hell for me.


You gotta do the dash as fast as possible, that’s the hardest part. Still, my success rate is pretty low, like 1/3 in tries.

Gen for sure.


Wtf, Viper isn’t complicated. Neither is Sakura.

Gen definitely is. Sim and Juri, too.