Most Cost Effective PC Stick


I have all of my fighting games and a TE for the PS3 but, I really want to start playing 3S(among other, older or import fighting games) and the PC is really the only way to do this. I’m also possibly looking for a 2nd PS3 stick(for local 2 player).

I was thinking about getting a Hori Fight Stick 3 but, then I was concerned about the need to upgrade it so I thought maybe I should get a Madcatz 360 SE and mod it for the ps3 aswell but, then I would still need to upgrade the buttons on that in addition to the modding costs. Then I thought maybe I should just go all out and get a 360 TE and mod it for PS3. My final option was figure out if it’s possible to mod my PS3 TE to work on 360 and thus the PC.

The CHEAPCHEAPEST way would be to buy a PCI USB card for my PC that supports the PS3 TE but, I want to explore options that would net me either a 2nd PS3 stick or a Stick I can use on either console(in case I ever reach a level where I’m capable of entering tournaments).

What sounds the most cost effective in the long run?

All opinions are appreciated.


go for x360 te then dual mod with toodles chimp or bencao dual strike

i didnt know anything before but when u start doing it, u gain a new skill. looks like u already know how to upgrade the PC, so u benefit from the new wiring experience


What is the cost for modding a TE? Assuming I could find a 360 TE for about $100

Does anywhere sell pre-modded TEs?

This is obviously the most expesnvie option, would the other options be radically cheaper or only marginally?


I’d go for what hacksparrow said. Modding it would cost around 50, but takes more effort.


I was in the exact same situation as you(had a ps3 te that didn’t work on pc) and I just purchased a hrap3 sa… I love it.

I you want something a little cheaper I would say get a normal hrap 3 then mod it later.


Well time is one thing I have plenty of so effort isn’t a problem.

I’m going for cost effective.


Your best option for long term I would say get a 360 stick with chimp pcb. You’ll be set for those tourney/get togethers that are on either PS3 or 360. So you can sell/trade your ps3 TE stick, then get a 360TE dual mod that make it your main stick for ps3/360/pc and then get you 2nd stick if truly need be. Now if you want a 2nd stick for a friend just get a hori fs3, they wont know any better and if they do they probly have their own stick anyways.


Paewing revolution works on 360, ps3 and pc, you could look into that.


Holy crap that thing looks too good to be true.

Replacing the parts on that would definitely be the most cost effective (probably about $100 total)

Some rough estimates:

$150 - 360 TE modded for PS3 -Works on all 3
$120 - 360 SE modded for PS3 + Arcade Parts - Works on all 3
$100 - Revolution modded with arcade parts - Works on all 3
$80 - HFS3 with arcade parts - Only PS3/PC

Obviously this doesn’t factor in effort and tools needed for modding but, like I said time is something I have a lot of so effort isn’t such a big deal.


You can get all the stuff you need from, it’s run by LAUGH and just seems to sell this stick and upgrades.
Im in the UK or I would have got mine there.


I ended up ordering one of those Datel sticks from AmazonUK for about $50. From eTokki it would have been almost $75.

Now I just need to place my buttons order and gets some quick disconnects and wire and I’ll be modding.