Most damaging non super combo?

Yo I was wondering what is Yang’s most damaging combo for both ground and air without super. This is for those cases when somebody fucks up and then you can do whatever.

I think the ground combo,, ex slashes
then air is
J.fp,,, ex slashes

perhaps the ex roll kick would hurt more… humm probably not. Discuss :smiley:

Is there any trick to timing links like the, or do you just have to mash lk until it hits?

It’s not a mash… it’s more timing then anything, I find after practicing maybe 30 mins or so I can do it pretty consistantly. I actually find it harder to do the ex slashes after :lol:

The problem with the combo is setting it up, not many opprotunities for it but it looks damn flashy when you do it :smiley:

hey man, i’m not at my cpu right now…but i’ll post something nice when i get home. later

i don’t think,, ex slashes is most damaging…and as for setting up the mp in the first place, parry is obvious. off a dive kick(whiff or not, doesn’t matter, unless i parry the dive kick). and most of all, ex roll kick reduces the damage by A WHOLE LOT. it’s two hits, so add more hits to counter. it’s ex move and it’s a special move. reduction reduction! generally, we want to limit the combo to only one ex meter usage. thus, ex roll kick then juggle with whatever, really ain’t good.


I made a combo guide for Yang - its somewhat incomplete still as I have more combos to add to it but feel free to take a look:

the strongest listed and that I’ve found so far is the into the mantis slash mantis slash mantis slash. But since that third slash is a pain in the ass to hit its much more reliable to just do>s.hp.

p.s. let me know about any combos i’m missing - I know of some but haven’t updated it yet. I’m going to submit it to gamefaqs once its done.

Humm did some testing, I seriously couldn’t come up with anything that hurts more then,, ex slashes… it comes out to be 39 damage and hella stun… :slight_smile:

I like it, oh yeah i found out some neat stuff too, you can cross over the dive kick chain.

You can link close with far… weird and then s.hp but then the person is too far for the palm strike to connect.

You can also link close with… I think I’ve seen linked with something but I don’t remember what… SA1 perhaps.

PS to Chun Li 89, you gotta show me something good or I’m going to kick your ass :lol:

Omega red, that juggle thing, I find it only works in the corner… and even then it’s not worth it well for me anyways, try doing connecting a roll kick afterwards and then SAII. Humm I should try this just incase it don’t work.


hm, ok, i checked the combo list on my cpu. the one that i have listed as, “most damaging”, was jumpin hk, mp, ex slashes. and that combo was listed about 2 years ago. I guess at that time we weren’t doing a lk in between. so your combo do more damage. yeah, mp, lk, ex slashes is his most damage combo. bow to the master.

on the other hand, mk, slash, slash, slash. it’s really not worth it. u can do the slash as separate first slash, or as a whole 3 hits slashes combo. in either case, it’s corner only and not reliable.

it’s stylish! but for even more style, mk, slash, slash, tenshin. or mk, slash, ex roll, tenshin!! but look at the damage, and laugh at yang.

yang makes me look like a newbie…

or close mk, superjump, kick chain. both land at same time, then whatever mindgame u have. a teleport, or throw, a command grab, another mk, or just a bunch of bullish slashes. either way, whole trunkload of mindgame after a close mk.

well, if kick chain crossover, does it make yang land on the other side if it’s done after the close mk? if so, it’ll be even harder to block. mk, crossover kickchain, land on the otherside, low lkx2, ex slashes. i can soooo see myself eating a shit load of these. everyone on earth know i can’t block crossover. except ryu’s crossover, i’m proud to block that.

Yeah the cross over goes to the other side, it’s pretty neat.

i think mopreme in his link encyc has some weird one that like a few normals 2 ex slashes ,link into 3 slashes normal… i havnt seen it in a while thoguh so i suggest u track it down for yourselves.

Mopreme’s vidhas nice combos. but some of them(ok, most of them) were done as wake up, on hugo or just a wakeup meaty hugo. so it’s situational only. i won’t count on those combos too much.

i think the combo shadow charlie is talking about (apologies if it aint bro) in the mopreme vid went like this…

jump in air chain, standing fierce with first hit cancelled into a mantis slash (dont know which punch), standing short then ex mantis slash

this combo was done on Hugo so i am not exactly sure if it can connect with anyone else (maybe just tall characters?) but I personally havent been able to connect it on anyone:bluu:
Does anyone know if it ONLY works on hugo and does it matter which mantis slash you use before the standing short?

K, kinda behind the power curve here, but I’m a Yang fan, for the rare times I DO play 3S. Kinda sucks they raped him.

But the combo’s I saw where like:

mp, mp, palm thrust

or lk, mk, hk. Shit like that. Mighta beeen lk, mk, mk. Dunno.

The guy over here was using the rolling kick super, and connecting it off the kicks I think? Heh didn’t use ex slash a lot. Dunno why, can’t speak Japanese. Dunno how good he is, but his parries were tight.

Would ex palm thrust connect off mp, mp? Would it be worth it?


ex palm thrust doesnt exist… he does a fake thrust then

i dont think i saw this one but heres one for you

works anywhere.

close move foward slash,slash,slash, or us the ex slash or sa1 or 2.

heres a tricky one that has to have perfect timing.

close move foward than that teleport using short kick as soon as you push mk d.jab.then ex slashes or sa2

be careful not to hold forward mk or you will do that lil spin kick