Most damaging SA3 mid-screen/corner-to-corner combo?

here’s what i usually do:
from corner to corner
after starting off w/ the lp,lk,mp chain xxSA3
mp,hp,dp+hp,qcf+mp,hp,f+mk(2x),f+hp/palm(for characters like q,elena…),qcf+p,genei ends,mk launcher,f+hp,qcf+p.

i don’t know how much damage this deals to an opponent, any combo you think deals more damage than this???

More damaging midscreen combo? The fierces only one on a crouching character.

Most realistic one that might do more damage… shoulders across the screen. Because the lunge punch rapes the damage buffer… So that one might do more damage.

Then, tack on the KO finisher (palm, jab shoulder, f.fierce, lunge punch), and that might do more damage…

But I’m not 100% sure about how the damage buffer during genei-jin works, so I can’t guarantee that.

the most practical one IMO now is the reset one that pyrolee mentioned and did in SBO2. it even gives u back all your meter. :slight_smile:

best one would be just repeated shoulder tackles and when you get to the corner just do palms into finisher. decent damage, and terribly easy to do.

most damaging would be… (midscreen) i don’t know something like launcher xx genei jin, f+mk x n, f+hp, lunge punch, corner shit. i don’t really know cause i haven’t checked it yet. but that seems to be the logical one.

How exactlydo you do the fierces only one? I know it uses kara fierces but are they all kara? I can’t get more than one or two.

It’s kara medium punch fierces to corner. Pretty hard to do it across the screen…

man, i love your avatar!