Most Damaging Super Art in the Game?

What is the most damaging Super Art in the game? Can anybody do tests?

A few that come to mind are:

Gouki’s KKZ (Down Down Down + 2 Punches)
Makoto’s SA1
Ken’s SA2 with maximum hits
Hugo’s Gigas Breaker
Gill’s Separdic WING Super Art (is it possible to parry this btw)

Is it possible to parry Gill’s Wing Super? I have seen videos of a lot of supers parried. But I am looking for parry on Gill’s Wing Super, Gill’s Meteor Strike Super, and Gouki’s KKZ.

I know Gill’s Meteor Strike can be parried most likely, but it would be cool to see on video. Gouki’s KKZ must be parried after the first hit (unparriable) is blocked, but I don’t think I have seen a video on it.
But I am most interested in Gill’s Separdic Wing Super being parried, THAT would be cool. It doesn’t matter if it is parried using programmed inputs or whatever, I just want to know if it is possible to be parried.

Speaking of Gill’s SA’s, do you always have resurrection on? Wow… Nothing against you but I swear I’ve seen you banned a bunch.

Im pretty sure the big 3 supers (damage wise) are:

Wing, KKZ and Gigas

and no, the wing cant be parried. After those 3 comes shin SRK or SGS.

There’s a video of a guy parrying the KKZ. Actually IIRC he red parried every other hit. I’ll look it up.

What bout GJ and Oro’s SA3

Also Oros EX SA2 does 80 dmg on Ryu/Ken.

Yeah,anytime as gill if you lose a match with full meter resurrection will happen…I hate Gill

the first hit of kkz is unparryable thats why the reset is guaranteed if you do it right

Gotta love that shit:)

I don’t think you go the point…

oops…don’t know how I didn’t catch that…well I don’t like Bison SFIV either…

Genei Jin is the most damaging super art in the game.

what r u guys talkin bout sean’s sa3 has the most damage or at least one of the highest, but who cares its sean right?

No it doesn’t. It does 61 on ryu so not even close.

sean’s sa3 doesn’t do shit for damage the length of its bar

as for whats most damaging thats all character/situation dependent

You would need to factor or not factor in alot of factors (ie oppenent croutching, to include or not to include enders, etc)

but… gj and abare are going to be the big two in most situations

unless you exclude enders then abare falls off hard

if you include a poke cancelled into it (with ender) abare > all

on a crouching opponent kkz would be near the top

I could go on but why

Yeah but the problem with Abare is that you can’t stun all chars. So the next best thing with Abare is the damage combo with 2 hayate ender and it does 89 dmg on Ryu. GJ beats that with 92 I think with the basic 2 x 2 hop kicks palm, hk dragonkicks, lp srk, f+hp, lp lunge ender. Plus you can add a j.HK before that for a couple more points. The question is set wrong…

Nothing can stop Bison :rofl: :rofl:

When during that video does KKZ get parried?

And ARE YOU SURE Gill’s Wing Super can’t be parried?
Is it official? Wing is the most damaging super?
I saw the KYSG video where Gouki did KKZ (probably after he taunted) on Twelve, it was a one hit KO, Twelve was transforming back from X.C.O.P.Y. when it hit him, so his defense was super low. Can Gill’s Wing one hit KO Twelve the same way?

Oh by the way, how about Oro’s Tengu Stone? What is the maximum damage that can do?
It doesn’t have to be one long combo, it can be just repeated HK, I think that would do around 75% damage on Ken!!!

you are the king of misinformation

I’m tempted to say Sean’s sa2 does more damage than his sa3, but I don’t have a console copy to test that with.

yep four characters you can’t stun via a grounded combo (well 3 if that ksyg style chun ender works)

She has better damage enders than that… hell you can charge the second hayate and sqeeze a couple of more points out of that ender

If you factor in jumpin abare is a guaranteed stun on everyone and 100% damage on everyone (assuming you have enough meter to do a second abare if not 90+% damage on the high health characters and assuming no mulitible taunted Q, hugo, etc)

I stand by what I said what does most damage is sitation specific and what factors you want to include or exclude

also sean’s sa2 does a couple points less damage then sa3