Most disappointing FG of the Year

Post the name of game and why you think is the most disappointing.

For me is Tekken Hybrid because it lacks online support, unimpressive visuals and the CG movie adds little content for me.

What do you think?

The new Guilty Gear. I didn’t like its feature of being non existent.

Other than that every game did just as expected or better, so there were no disappointments for me.

Note that I still like all of the fighting games listed (Sans SF IV: AE), so when I say I was disappointed, I still liked it; I just think it could have been more.

Probably Mortal Kombat. It’s not the initial package that was disappointing, is was the numerous patches that made efforts to learn a character constantly wasted.

MvC3 was also extremely disappointing, since it was released with some awful gameplay design. Luckily, UMvC3 fixed most of my problems with MvC3 (Sans X-factor), but that was for 40 bucks.

I heard SF IV: AE was released with incredibly poor balance, but I haven’t played it, so whatever.

When I picked up MVC3 this year, I was kind of amazed by how lackluster it was. I think maybe alot of it was due to me overhyping it, but was still fairly underwhelming. I’m glad it wasn’t just me that thinks so :o

I’m surprised you expected more from that game, actually I don’t really consider it as a game. It’s more like a promotional package for TTT2.

MVC3…such a backwards step in terms of content that I felt like Capcom purposely sabotaged the game to guarantee a 2nd release. Capcom can throw Seth to the wolves with any explanation they want him to say, but it’s all bullshit. MVC3 was Capcom straight up trolling it’s community.


I was torn between Marvel and Arcana Heart 3, But I simply had to choose Arcana.

Arcana Heart 3 looked brilliant on paper, An OTT Blazblue with homing cancels, ridiculous supers and fast paced action. People dismissed the game for being entirely made of Fanbase serving girls, Big tits, small girls, Children, evil girls ect ect. I usually look past this because you simply CANNOT judge a game solely on its looks. Then I played it, and realized it was lazy, badly made, horribly unbalanced. And it was just raw fanservice. Worst FG of the decade IMHO.

Marvel…Oh boy marvel. I’m going to get raw hatred for this post, But I know this opinion is not exclusive to me. But…Was Marvel designed by 10 years olds, FOR 10 year olds? It was the most unbalanced, frustrating, horribly painful game I’ve played since Arcana. Everything did chip, You are forced to wait 20 second long combos all the time, Dark Phoenix is self explanatory, X-Factor is a cheap, overpowered gimmick that is abused for cheap wins, There is little skill at lower levels, You can win by picking top tiers and “Mashing”

I’ve not played UMVC3, But I hope its a lot better, Because Marvel 3 was horrendous.

(Best Games: BBCS2, AE2012, KoF13)

UMVC3 is MVC3 with moar guyz in it. :smiley:

Care to elaborate?

marvel, not because the game is not fun (i actually love playing it, alot)
but because it was barebones in so many aspects, and i know it wasnt where it matters the gameplay, yet is still a valid reason, maybe for the most of us that doesnt matter, but the average person on the market think otherwise
the fact that they released umvc3 in the same year so few months later only helps for them to feel more that way, i stll love playing umvc3, but both games as a whole can come as a dissapointment

and playing the nostradamus card, i say that for next year it would be sfxt, its like the dev team doesnt know what they want to do with that game at all

Where’s Third Strike Online? That was my most disappointing fighting game. Not because it’s bad or anything. I just thought I would like it and I ended up barely playing it at all. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I also vote SSFIV AE (2012) only because I mianed Yang in regular AE

Nidhogg, for still not having an official release.

BBCS2 for sure.
When the game came out, we thought it would fix all the problems that CS1 suffered in terms of balanced and bad designs.
For every 1 problem fixed, 3 more occurred. CS2 was an awful, awful version… and EX tried fixing the issues CS2 left behind, but it just wasn’t enough.

Its obvious that they are trying to make Capcom stop making FGs buy making it as bad as possible. “Lol people like shit, take i tout and put in these in. They don’t like it? Rather than removing these things, lets remove lets remove things people like like the the chain system, lets keep this in becuase so many people hate them.” Ono should just go missing. The world improves.


Fine so im lying I just wanted to be different :sweat:

I enjoyed most of these games (didn’t play Tekken Hybrid whatever that is).
But I voted UMVC3 for one reason, and that’s because the online wasn’t improved enough. That was really disappointing. I have fun with it offline and play it a ton at work, but online is unusable.

And no, I’m not even talking about the netcode. It’s the whole interface and setup.
I can choose between two regions: “same” and “any”. I can’t seem to face any other EU countries using same (like Scandinavia is part of some other group or whatever), and basically never find any matches using that setting. With any I get to meet americans, japanese, chileans… With obviously horrible connections because of distance.
Also, most people would use “same only” when they start hosting a game, and I assume I can never face those people, ever. Even if I choose any.

How fucking hard is it to make a list of hosted games with flags and bars like SFIV, and let me pick my opponent. These people havn’t learned a thing - I’ve had the same problem with their games since TvC! :bluu:

I guess I could make like a fake PSN account and set it to UK or something. And I guess I could play lobby but I don’t like waiting for my turn.
But even with functioning online, I’d probably still vote UMVC3… Mostly because the other options are pretty strong and Ultimate didn’t add that much to vanilla. It was a pretty weak update that didn’t do enough to fix problems.

You hipster fuck XD

Marvel 3.

The way I see it, Marvel 3 is a lot like the Star Wars prequel trilogy: The truly best thing that came out of it were a handful of tracks from the ost. Also like the prequel trilogy, it’s kinda OK if you’re determined to enjoy it, but you’re still better off sticking with the EPIC original saga and pretending this whole thing never happened, or at least isn’t canon to the series.

I don’t think MVC3 and UMVC3 should be in the same slot. As much as we would like to think we didn’t, we actually did pay for two seperate games. Plus, most people who were pissed about MVC3 aren’t so pissed about the update.

As far as I’m concerned, I would have to say MK. Not sure why it won the Best Fighting Game Reward when the game kept changing every month. You couldn’t even play with certain costumes cause they would make the character act differently from the default one. So much shit had to be ban in tournaments cause the game was full of glitches.

People only liked it cause the developers were patch happy and would more than likely remove anything people thought was OP. Also, blood and stuff.