Most disappointing FG of the Year

Noel Vermillion. 4.7K From standing 2D., A move that can crossup, Has startup invincibility, Priority and raw damage. Learnt the entire combo in roughly 40 Minutes, Learned her Haida loop in 20, Her 6C Confirms in around 15, I then proceeded to get a PSR of 134 “Spamming” 2D and other moves blind.

Her normals suck, Her air combos suck, Her projectile has limited uses, yeah sure. But Noel was a black spot in CS2. (Like Viper on Crack…And with 2 giant Revolvers)

Yeah, Im salty.

Noel was “Mash D, the movie” but there are more rewarding chars out there…

I main Mu, And I honestly think she is a severly underplayed and underated character. I’m surprised shes not been nerfed.

6C Fatal Counter = 8K in the Corner, 9K if you have 100 heat. Midscreen it’s 6K and Corner to corner is 5K.
She has the best Anti Air in the game IMO (2c) That goes into 5K on Counter hit.
Plus she has insane range and speed.

Thats what makes Blazblue great, Unique characters that all take around a year to even get mediocre with.

MU is a bitch

(I main hakumen)

SF3:3s OE

So much hype for nothing =/

Man, I’ve seen C0R do some crazy shit with Mu when a couple people int eh scene got extend… Girl is crazy.

Whichever game you play most.

(but seriously, it’s very rare that a newly released game will live up to fan’s expectations. Interestingly though, someone unfamiliar with the series will find it infinately more enjoyable discovering it for the first time, and will fail to see the problems.)

C0R in my opinion, From what I’ve seen *one *of the best Mu players in the world. I’d say Sakuma in Japan is the best.

Mu can switch between Rushdown and Keepaway in the blink of an eye, Yet se is let down by low guard primers and poor mixup. Other than that, she has the highest Damage output of any character in CS2, And her Normals are almost as BS as Hakumen and Litchi.

WAY to underplayed.

MU’s dash-throw thing is annoying lol

C0R has found 8K 50 heat starting CH 5A combos from midscreen. Dude is fucking godlike. I haven’t gone to a meet in a bit so he’s probably found more crazy shit.

CH 5A into 8K? Can you link me to that it sounds impossible. Like, Genuinely impossible.

I forgot it was anti air CH 5A, I don’t know if C0R recorder it though. Actually it may have been 7.6 or 7.4, I know he was talking about a 8K setup though.

Vanilla Marvel was awful. I never was that salty over anything. The end of March 2011 saw me at my saltiest. Fuck that game.


Do we have to decide on this? It seems so spiteful.

Anyway, Tekken Hybrid by virtue of a crappy movie and an offline HD upscale.

I’m curious as to what some people here were expecting from 3SO…I thought it was great…it’s 3rd Strike, it’s online…what more were people wanting?

The thing that pissed me off most of all was that Royal Flush could have EASILY beaten Noah if he had just lamed him out the whole time with his team’s many projectile attacks.

But, Flush ended up getting swayed by the crowd from all their booing and crap, and tried to go all in on a team that has super armor on every attack. I remember facepalming so hard, because he was a player I really respected.

We were promised ‘Arcade Perfect’.

We didn’t get that. We didn’t get even close to that. Spent $15 on it, and I’d rather go through the hassle of hooking my PS2 back up than taking the 15 seconds to boot it up from my current-gen console.

Okay I believe you, but what’s actually different?

Life/Super meters were re-made, and they’re different sizes.
Hub is ugly as fuck.
Extra soundtracks are fucked.
Q’s music doesn’t play.
Can’t have multiple color schemes at once.
It’s essentially the DC version with some code altered to have unblockables and an unthrowable Akuma overhead.
There’s 3 or 4 threads complaining about what’s wrong with it.
EX moves are inconsistent

The PS2 version is actually the best port, which is sad… :-/

Here, and if you’re too lazy to go read through all of it, then don’t ask the question.

What even the fuck.

That’s just a taste of the bitter 3S community…don’t read those threads, you’ll just end up hating 3S and it’s community.:rofl: