Most effective low-tier tourny team

If you could pick one low-tier team you would use in a tourny what team would you choose and why? (Low Tier Meaning Anyone Except The Top 4) --One team per person please :slight_smile:

not using top 4 spiral/ironman/doom easily


there’s no such thing imo.

but here are a few.





ther’es no such thing imo, as the most effective team in any scenario.

one could say matrix, but santhrax beats it. if you say santhrax, mss and row beats it. msp beats mss and row. mst, thrax, matrix, and scrub beat mss. strider / spiral beats scrub… and matrix beats strider / spiral teams, magneto based teams… it never ends.

personally, im’ going agree with spiral / blackheart / doom as being one of the better ones. wm / im / doom is good too… but are you just asking without the top four? beacuse if you don’t include top tier in general, then you can’t include ironman, cyclops, war machine, spiral, doom, blackheart, or strider. rogue / cammy / tron perhaps is one of the better ones in that scenario.





LOL. Some people have trouble reading the OP.

Anyway, I dont think OP is looking for the best of the best low teir team, per se, because-like mentioned-there is no such thing. So, I think its more of personal preference…Who do you think is the best low tier team? As in who would you pick to play if you had to choose a team?

I personally would go with a team of Gambit-proj/Cykes-AAA/Tron-proj.

Why? Its one of my better low tier teams. It has a decent mix-up game and can deal a lot of damage; especially with gambit/tron. Its not the best team on paper, but if this is base on who personal preference then I’d pick this over any other.

spiral / AAA / doom is extremely deadly. theres this guy at this local arcade i go to and thats his main team. surprisingly, even againest the best people & expert msp / santhrax / matrix teams… he wins a LOT

rushdown character/ AAA/Tron…lol

You know, this thread made me realize how many teams Sentinel makes better.

that tron projectile asist is too gdlk

what made me realize that:

sentinel is on every major team except mst, and msc.

Well, take away the top four and good enough execution with Strider/Doom/AAA pretty much destroys everything. Choose your poison between Cyclops, Commando, and/or BH for the third character.

Mag / Storm / Sonson?

i think he means Mag Storm Servbot.

:-/ my fault. i’m not thinking right… lol
i forgot to say team japan in there as well.


Every major team either has sentinel or has a way to stop him IOW.

So, not enough people in my area use the two, so how do Strider and Spiral stack up vs. one another?

it’s even, but a good spiral, i think, can hurt you more once she gets a hit. strider is more about mixups and i think has better priority.