Most effective?



What is the most effective position on a team of Psylocke and Storm. I’m torn between putting cammy on point or putting Psy on point becuz i’m good with both of them and i dont really like infinites only though they’re the only way to win witout losing life. if anyone can tell me cammy’s longest combo. i’m just really basic with her and i wanna learn some new tactics. Thx in advance.


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personally i would make the team storm, cammy, psy… but if u want either cammy or psy to b point i guess i would do cammy, storm, psy- that way u have 2 good assist to back her up…
cammys longest combo? no offense but longest isnt always best… i usually just stick to somethin along the lines of launch magic cannon drill kba… and sometimes i do some sort of jump-in or dash-in attack b4 the launch…im sure there r better combos others can tell u though…but im out o time…mayb ill post more laterz…


I wouldn’t start with Psylocke. Im saying Storm or Cammy depending on which one you can play with better.

Her best air combo is the launch. magic series. cannon drill. kba

She has a few good resets and tricky combos.

Here’s one: launch, sj, lp, lp, slight pause, lp, lp, double jump to other side and do any combo, cannon drill, kba. ^^

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Start only if u can play psy properly. which I doubt so start with cammy but always make sure storm in the middle. I always start with psylocke because i need the cammy assist to catch run-away storm.