Most efficient way to improve?

I’d like to get better at AE, but I’m not sure how I would do that. Currently, I spam out Endless Battles and Ranked Matches and I win a lot more than I lose, but I feel like I could be using my time better.

Should I just mash out BnBs and Combos in Training Mode? Knock out all the trials? Non-stop ranked matches?

1 hour in training room for every 10 matches you play online

You aren’t really giving us enough information to answer your question. The most efficient way to improving is often focusing on your biggest issues. If your execution is bad, then yeah, more training mode time is useful. If your execution is pretty solid but your footsies suck, then focus more on matches.

I need to work on pretty much everything. I have very good reactions but my reads aren’t the best.

I play Ibuki with some Oni on the side. I like my Buki vortex, but that’s really all I know. I don’t do many combos so I mainly focus on my footsies and scoring the knockdown

it would probably be very efficient to have a mentor to point out your most outstanding problem areas. theres no cookbook training method that works for everyone

Play players who are way, way better from you to improve faster.

Win those one on one training sessions with Alex Valle.

Look for gameplay of top Ibuki players and analyze the match: Spacing, set-ups, mix-ups, decision making, meter usage…

Play often against much better players who are willing to give critique and pointers

I am wondering about the comments here.
First of all, record your games and post the videos in the video critique threads!! Then discuss with the people wich want to help you based on the video !!
Play against muchmuch better players? I wouldnt suggest that, you will get beaten every round in a vortex and you will learn nothing, play against equal or slightly better players, it always makes much more fun to play against friends with same or slightly better skill and improve together! Help out each other.

That’s why I said “…who are willing to give critique and pointers” in my post. There are jerks, sure, but there are also kind souls out there.

The buddy system/equals system works too. But it often puts you in your comfort zone and player/habit familiarity and horsing would factor in very often.

Fighting against much better players can push you out of your comfort zone, and if they’re not hard to talk to, will make your mistakes and bad habits easier/faster to spot and therefore (hopefully) faster to correct.

See if there’s a FGC community in your area and try to find people to play offline.