Most embarassing moments in a tournament?


Vid got me thinking…back when I played smash (don’t judge me) i money matched this florida player at ceo who I thought was trash… and he 3 stocked me in about 45 seconds on stream… <_<

What about you guys?


-Very early on, I got double perfected by a Tiger Knee chip loop in SF4 (95% of the match was me blocking it and not knowing how to get out of it).
-Dropped a game winning combo with a missed input that resulted in a taunt and my opponent got a comback after that. Now I turn taunt off whenever that option is available.


There’s youtube footage of a friend of mine losing a round in the exact same fashion.
His moment was better than yours, though: he was playing against Daigo.

My worst was when I successfully baited a Hugo player into doing a desperation EX Lariat, and ran straight into it rather than just neutral jumping and killing him.
Edit: no, wait, my most embarassing one was when the stream commentator started yelling at me in French because of something I did in the match, and I’m trying to explain to him that I can’t understand a fucking word he’s saying.


I went to a tournament once, played a match in Tekken 6 and got bodied. Didn’t realize I dropped my wallet, and Spooky on the mic called my name.

I was beet red.

But hey, I appreciate the honesty of whoever found my wallet. The FGC ain’t all that bad at all!

There was another not so embarrassing moment, but a really salty moment at that same tournament where in a match of SSF4, I could of punished Akuma big time for whiffing a dp with Cody, I input Ultra… and Cody was standing over the knife and he picked it up instead… I got blasted. I was so salty.