Most Entertaining Character to Use?

Who, in your opinion, is he most fun character to play?

I love to play Blanka (In Any Groove), my N-Rolento (When You’re Winning And Pressuring An Opponent), and C-Sagat (St./Cr. Fierce feels so good).

I ask this because I want to see who people think is the most entertaining character to play and to see if they actually pick these people, rather than those that are good or top tier.

A Akuma is fun to play vs. shitty people.

Iori is always fun, random rolls into mash shorts, yayay


any spanish looking character in K

C Rugal
C Yamazaki
A/N/C Vice
K Rock
K Geese
K Kim

Most fun to play: C-Joe (double cyclone baby)

Most entertaining to watch: P-Chang (wtf)

k kyo by far


RC Ryu En Bu, far s.LP, c.MP, c.LK, low j.HK, are all annoying moves. She’s good battery, she’s got a decent runaway/keepaway game, comboing into her special/super moves is easy. Besides, she shakes her boobs everytime she wins (the main reason I like using her).

a yuri for life.

go slap/kick super

I like S Mai
She’s pretty cool.

spamming rc’s with her is too good since people don’t really know how to fight her. and otherwise, abuse standing roundhouse. she’s much better than she gets credit for actually.

Geif, Raiden, Hugo & Goro

All are like ‘c’mere and gimme a hug’. Before you know it your opponent’s all loved out.

Kim - favorite male character, Chun - favorite female character and she represents my people =), and Hibiki - sword fanatic.

I enjoy Rolento and Kyo. Hibiki also, I love her CC with that crazy resets


Zangief is the best!

c-kyo vs. scrubs because I get fun combo practice and qcb kick move.

Dont you ever find it funny that she speaks Japanese and not Chinese? >_>; I always thought that…makes NO sense…

Anyway, today i used S-Kyo, Sagat, Cammy and actually got a 7 win streak…now i would never use this seriously though…but Dodge did get me out of certain situations…the only problem is charging the freaking bar. Any half decent player would never let me charge that often…but hey when they do, its actually pretty fun lol.

Kyo, Dodge Kick - Uppity Kicks is fun (and scary at max distance). xD

Also use C - King…you can have fun landing xx qcb. HP all day vs newbs…then making them think King is UBER for juggling in the corner…and then get knocked out of lvl 2 hop super with a jab and having a kick out of it.

Other than that, K Nako is fun, K Kyo, and N Rugal.

well street fighter is made by the japanese, she does speak chinese in one victory pose where she jumps for joy and says “I won” in chinese, everything else is probably japanese. -_-