Most Entertaining Marvel Player(poll inside) WC edition

Yeah so i just remade for the 3rd time because i don’t know how to use edit on polls. GOOD SHIT PETEY

link to other thread

edit:1st after about 2 weeks will go up against the top ec choice and get the “unofficial” crown of most entertaining player.

Combo Fiend

i voted clockw0rk because i love seeing danny mandango make people block/mash for 99 seconds



guy is too quick

Soo is a God!!! :tup:

Fear the Fiend!!!badboy: Watching him make IM infinite or Sent IM AAA reset combacks is awesome and since I use his team; it’s fun to see him utilize it to the fullest potential… Wong and Sanford are nice to watch if you just wanna see pure ownage though.:cool:

Soo doesnt even play anymore
he is a cocky scrub anyway

combofiend all the way
he is getting alot better these days

Soo does still play. He won the PSM tourney (Which makes him not a scrub). You shouldn’t be calling people you dont know names…

Com bo fiend! I knew he was a beast since his old matches at MWC. I love Rowtron’s speed tho. BTW, i woulda loved to see Jmar up here but its cool.

Im not saying he is a scrub playing

I said a cocky scrub, thats different :pleased:

Oh (filler)

Heh, I can’t choose between RowTron and Genghis :sad:

Row’s Sent & Cable is so hot, but so is Genghis’. They make Cable fun to watch, IMO. Not to mention that Row’s Mags is tight as heck, as well.

Ha ha ah ha…Potter makes the best threads.


J.D activates neg-rep power No mames J.D LOL por eso te va mal. :clap:

I voted Ruin because he cracks me up. Go Realvalesquez or whatever!

I voted for Petey because he is THAT DUDE.

videos to compare and make an educated choice?

ROWTRON is too exciting then soomighty then combofiend end of story.

combofiend!! I don’t know about that

It’s a close call between Rowtron and Soo, but after watching so many msp clones, I gotta vote for Rowtron for his original style and his crazy Cable

Agreed. I’ll vote after I see some PSM videos. Mostly because I’ve never seen videos of Ruin or Pigadoken.

No fetus status?

Fiend got my vote…the innovation that man has!!!