Most Frequent Character/Team Online?


What characters have you seen online the most? I’ve noticed ALOT of mishimas and lars.
But the most frequent team for me at least has been asuka/jun


Yun, Asuka, Lars, Laws, Jin, Jinpachi, Kazuya, Lei, Bryan, the same scrub players playing the same characters with the same scrub tactics from T6.


The Laws (oh how I hate them), the Mishimas, Lars, Jin, Asuka, Jun, Feng, Steve, Capos, and Bryan.


:eek: I am seeing infinite Forest Law. Hopefully this means I get good at the matchup. >_>


It seems like I am pretty much guaranteed to see Marshall, Forest, and Paul every time I go online… I also get many badly played Kazuya’s, Jin’s, Devil Jin’s, Hwoarang’s, Bob, and Bryan’s.

EDIT: I heard that Asuka, Jun, Lars, and Bob are pretty common too… but I hardly see them at all. Also, the thin Bob is starting to pop up more frequently too.


How the heck did I forget Bruce? That guy is like the Balrog of this game.


I’ve seen quite a few Kuma/Panda teams.


Bad Jun/Asuka squads all day.


… Paul and Forest/Marshall…


Most frequent characters: Dragunovs who spam backswing blow. Juns who spam counter. Alisias who just play like idiots.
Most common team: King/Armor King by far. Especially when it’s two people (scrubs) playing.


All I see are Jun players most of the time they are solo, at least its better than the millions of capos i saw on Tekken 6 online


Most frequent teams I’ve faced were teams with their closest clone. Remember playing ranked for an hour one night and all I faced was solo/clone teams.


I’m noticing a lot of Slim Bob’s lurking around too.


The Kings are very frequent. Also, there are a LOT of Steves.


EDIT: wrong thread nvm


Past week has been a ton of Mishimas, Lars, Feng and clone teams online. Can always expect to play them after 1-2 matches.


Since becoming more serious about the learning characters properly (T1-2 I played anybody, and 3-5 I dabbled with Hwoarang, on a basic level), I decided that I would try to become proficient with some of the simpler characters who I also liked aesthetically. Paul and Law were my first choices, and Asuka came later. I can understand how annoying it is to see noobs constantly playing supposedly ‘easy’ characters, but I’d still prefer to devote my limited amount of Tekken time to a character I can hopefully become proficient at, rather than sucking at a more demanding character. Besides, after playing Street Fighter, I’m just glad not to see constant Ryu/Ken.

As I’ve played the three characters more, I’ve moved further away from Law, replacing him with Asuka/Jun. I would have liked to keep the Paul and Law crew together, but I just don’t click with Law’s fighting style, despite his supposed scrub-friendliness. I’m now using Paul and Asuka/Jun, but I particularly like the latter pairing for story reasons, as Paul and Jun have strong ties to Kazuya that remind me of the series’ origins. I would consider ditching Asuka entirely, were it not for the fact that they’ll probably steal Jun away in the next instalment.

So, if you’re sick of Juns and Asukas, at least know that I’m trying to mix it up a little!


I have been running into alot of Alisa’s & Mishimas. Alisa honestly gets on my nerve’s now.


I do Jack6 and Michelle. I’m pretty free though.


Laws Laws Laws … :expressionless: