Most hated Character


Yeah, try that! I prefer rushdown Hondas. :wink:


Yeah I’m with Decoy. Bring on the Rush Down Honda’s all f’ing day.


We’re on to your neutral jump shenanigans!

\settles in corner @ downback


I can usually time an HP Headbutt to hit neutral jumping shorts from anywhere from 1/2 screen in.

I play pretty aggressive against Blanka, maybe not “rush-down” but definitely do more than hold down+back. As long as you watch your ranges you can pressure Blanka. Decoy, it’s been ages man, we need to play again. I’ll promise to try to rush you down some, LOL.

T.Hawk, on the other hand, there’s not much to do but turtle. T.Hawk and run away Vegas are my least favorite match-ups (other than mirrors), they are so boring and make me turtle up way more than I want to (online I usually just say heck with it and take chances, LOL).


It seems that Hawk has just enough time to fall down from a neutral HP to SRK if Honda tries to headbutt. I don’t see it often, but it has happened to me enough to think that. Kind of the same way that you really can’t chase a shoto jumping backwards with HK (and then a SRK if that didn’t hit).


The way Fei can now do easy Chickenwing, which you have to block high, and if it hits, he gets flame kick add on, is a huge departure from how ST used to play out. Factor in laggy Asian guys joining the room, and this tactic just becomes unbreakably dominating. Chun Li has no answer for this online, not even throw.


Everyone hates Rog.


I’d rather face Rog on this than in SFIV :pleased:


Rog in SF4 is a joke compared to his ST/HDR versions.


Fixed for you.



Maybe in his nerfed AE form, dude was a beast previously.


It’s a pretty accurate fix, lol.

You clearly have not played a strong Boxer in ST/HDR yet. Dude is still one of, if not THE, best character in the game. He literally has no bad matchups.


Actually studtrooper is one of the better HDR/ST Rog players out there so I’m inclined to give his opinion some merit. Chun can give Rog trouble in HDR/ST, not that bad of a match up but I think it’s at least not in his favor. As far as SF4 Rog, I haven’t played SF4 with any seriousness since it first came out, but I know that back then he was generally considered top tier and I always saw a ton of Rog players online and in tournaments. And he was generally unpleasant to play against, LOL. I have no idea about now, in the current AE 2012 edition, though.


His jab in IV is what is top tier.

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Sagat! tries to attack “TIGER!” *tries to attack from below “TIGER!” "tries to attack from above “TIGER UPPERCUT!”


besides Vega and Akuma. This game is pretty balanced. Can’t hate on any particular character. Boxer is strong but it takes a good player to make him work. Akuma is broken for a reason and Claw is stupidly cheap and easy mode no wonder Murderface mains him.


My top 3 most hated characters vs. my Ryu are Blanka, Hawk, and Sim…Don’t know why but Blanka players usually have my number as I tend to struggle with that matchup


It’s easier to list the characters I don’t hate (much); Cammy, Guile, and DJ. Everyone else is just infuriating. I guess if I had to pick one most hated, it would be Ken. Any noob Ken can crush me, I feel he’s underestimated.


For the characters that I use, Vega is the one I despise the most.