Most hated?


I was speaking with a few hated players. We would like to do a poll on the most hated players in SF4 and SFxTKN. So what do you think? Who is the worst player/person? Who do you hate the most? The criteria can be anything ie: messages, cheating, or association.


What would be the point of giving extra attention to people who are “hated”?


I dont really hate anyone, I find hatemail amusing, and lagswitching just meh - I mean its just a game, and its online as well, so its not like I can take it too seriously



Incidentally, I hate Fergus the most because he abandoned SFxT.




Eggy on an alt account?


All of this hatred stuff can be so exhausting, you know.


Seems like a waste of time. A better use of time would be “most hated scrub tactics and how to beat them”. I don’t think there are really any particularly good hated players as it is.


Should change the subject of this thread: “Most loved?”

Too much hate surrounds SFxT. We need more positive vibes!


Speaking of hatred, I’ve made some research on YouTube and I found out why Blanka’s hated so much.


I don’t hate anyone…still plotting my revenge on all of you though!