Most hits with PTF?

What is the most hits people have gotten with PTF.

I managed to get 84 one time with the starting combo jump in rh, cjab, cjab, st. short, scissors. activate.

i got it once, and i have no idea how i did it lol.

Seriously…, how the hell do you pull off 84 hits in PTF?!

The most on average for anyone is probably like 50.

The most I’ve pulled off was about 64.

Its possible to go 80+ Hits with PTF. Most I’ve seen on match vids and combo vids is around 82 Hits.

Yes, I’ve seen some match vids where Blanka gets hit by an 80+ Hit PTF. I think its one of those matches at Maybe there’s a YouTube of this somewhere.

Edit: Found it, and its exactly 80:


thanks for that link… was fun to watch

What are you talking about? I easily get 75+ hits on average and a maximum of 83 hits consistently when I combo into to.

25… yeah still working on the timing LoL