Most impressive moments in marvel history (poll inside)

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I was thinking about this and i came up with ten of the most impressive moments/facts of marvel history. Plz vote… I’ll make detailed description of the moments:

1st. Duc Do wins B4, first marvel national tournament. Eddie lee got 2nd.

2nd. Justin Wong wins B5, defeating the Champ Duc Do.

3rd. Justin Wong 2peats at Evo 2k2(not sure what year), defeating the undisputed 2nd best player at the time(rowtreeeeeezy); by this canceling any doubt that justin was a fluke. David Lee SCRUBS out, after winning around 15 tournaments in a row, and being the 3rd overall seed via apex.

4th Justin Wong Three Peats @ Evo2k3?. Defeats ricky in the most exciting marvel finals ever known to man ;). Kuan throws the match to row, row loses to rick in LF.

5th. Justin Wong FOUR PEATS. David lee loses, marvel almost dies. Soo makes top 8 for the 2nd year in a row.

6th. Duc Do wins evo2k5, after Rob from hawaii sends justin to losers, where yipes peaces him out. Yipes gets 2nd.

7th. Team West Coast defeats Team East Coast @ evo 2k3.

8th. Soo ocvs Mr. Wong in impressive fashion (didn’t include with #7 because it deserves it’s own caption!)
linky to vidy
Honestly, my fav vid was the one with jaminis in the pic, where he is jumping like crazy (everyone was!) I was spinning IN CIRCLES. Bananananaananas.

9th. Jwong vs. X from TS3… The cable comeback of comebacks

10th. Sanford Kells aka That’s THAT Haze dethrones wong after a 4 years of being undefeated…

Sanford was fuckin memorable but soo vs wong was also impressive

Soo vs Wong =X

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since i wasn’t there at any of those, i’ll go for david lee vs justin 3-0 ucla winners.

Soo vs. Justin. :tup:

soo owning justin for sure

Yipes beating Justin at Evo2k5. Seriously, that came out of nowhere.

Probably when Capcom decided to make a sequel to Marvel vs. Capcom

But from the options the poll gives us, probably Soo vs. Justin

Yipes been comin up for a while now, wasn’t THAT unexpected

Soo owning Justin was only impressive in that it showed that it was possible to definitely, without a doubt, beat Justin Wong in MvC2. I’m still convinced that Justin’s strength is not Marvel, but in turtling in general.

On the other hand, Justin’s defeat of Desmond WAS impressive. Nobody else could have done that. Nobody.

Agreed. Soo’s win gave a lot of people hope that someone else would win EVO this time around. People have beaten Justin before in team tournies and people have sent him to loser’s bracket. Soo’s decisive win just gave a lot of people the idea that the Marvel finals at EVO would be different.

Soo owning Justin was more impressive then Justin winning 4 STRAIGHT Evos??? or that Cable Comeback?? nah…Top 3 IMO is

  1. Justin winning 4 evos
  2. Justin winning 3 evos
  3. Sanford dethroning him

Winning a tournament is not impressive if you’re already judged to be the best.

well to watch justin get owned was pretty amazing, especially for the people that ride him all the time. btw when was this? was he still undefeated?

second i’d say the cable comeback, because thats just amazing, i mean look at it. X could’ve won many different times with just a random LAxxLS, but oh well.

i’d put sanford dethroning justin 3rd.

the reason why im not so impressed with justin winning evos is because there was nothing new. he just kept winning so its like yeah oh really he won again =.

they are still all nearly equal events.

Wheres Potter winning 3rd at evo2k5:woot:
Every year, you placed top 8 and finally top 3 this past year :rock:

The most impressive was the cable comeback of all comebacks

Cable comeback. That was like the MvC2 equivalent of the Daigo vs Justin match.

“What’s this? Viper beam in the air to delay taking Cyclop’s chip damage super!”

Cable comeback for sure. Not to detract from Soo’s victory, but that’s just the kinda stuff that happens with MSP.

cable comeback is best…

sure soo beat him that year but if i remember correctly that was 2k2 and in 2k3 justin OCV’d him twice in a row…

just figure’d i’d mention the aftermath of that event :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see links of videos to this thread :x

Yeah, I wasn’t aware of the Cable Comeback, would like to see it if the vid is floating out there…