Most informative training mode for fighting games? (on consoles)

I’m looking for any game that has a training mode that lists directional as well as button inputs onscreen.

The best case sceneraio would be if I did a fireball motion, the line would display:
:d:, :df:, :r:, :p:

I could also tolerate:

I’m trying to learn stick and want to know where I’m messing up with my inputs. Knowing where I’m exactly going wrong in my inputs is what I want to learn. If anyone knows of a game I can get (PS2/PS3 or 360), let me know!

Vf series has a pretty good thing like that in their training mode actually. not only does it tell you which direction you’re pressing, but for how many frames as well. if you’ve ever taken a look a thongboy bebop’s guide to 3s part 1 (there’s only 1 part, we’re still waiting on the 2nd) you’ll see a cool little input display that shows a joystick and 3 punches and 3 kicks. that’s straight from virtua fighter as well.

now if you want a street fighter game, try the alpha anthology for ps2. it’s pretty good as well imo

this thread is like some kind of bait for the execution helper or whatever application guy and his mandatory video :confused:

GG has one of the best training modes that i see in any game so far

Dummy recording is such an awesome and underappreciated feature.


There is so much I want to add… but I fear getting in trouble… to much for me

Virtua Fighter has the best training mode you are going to get but about 90% of all fighters released in the past decade have some sort of on screen display of motions.

This is the best I’ve ever seen in any fighter

VF4Evo by far. It’d be like if Capcom games taught you charge partitioning, custom combos, footsies and everything.


VF5 displays inputs precisely as well

Guilty Gear has input display,as well as a slew of other awesome features. Accent Core, for example, allows you to adjust things specific to your character. Zappa can enter his Raoh mode, and there’s an option in training mode to put him directly into it. It works like this for all the other characters and their special features.

cvs2 shows button inputs in training mode, that’d be your best bet for ps2

4EVO’s training mode is the best training mode I’ve seen in any game period.

It’s been said already, but it doesn’t get any better than VF4 Evo.

I heard SF4 shows inputs, though.

CVS2 has inputs in it…

works WONDERS for learning roll cancels.

VF4 is the only answer acceptable.

Most training modes are really just glorified practice modes. The grid system they had in SFEX+@… that was a training mode.

I don’t recall if it had inputs on the screen or not, but it had a series of increasingly complex tasks to accomplish that were designed to improve your execution. If you didn’t get it right away, you had to keep doing it until you got it right or you couldn’t advance.

Yeah SF4 Challenge mode seems to be modeled on that, grid and all. SFEX had wonderful training modes, way ahead of other fighters.

This. You were damn near tournament ready playing VF4’s training mode. Shit broke down and taught you EVERYTHING about the game.

I could spend hours on VF4’s training mode. It was literally like a strict teacher on you till you were perfect. It didn’t let up. Even after days on the training mode, you always felt like you could be better, quicker… more games should model themselves on it.

DOA4’s was similar, but a bit more forgiving and limited.