Most IronMan players don't know sh*t about IronMan

I’m going to make this plain and simple. i’m not a fan of the internet Beef. This is the First, Last, and Only time I wil ever post on SRK. I’ve browsed through the IM threads occasionally and I have to say that most IronMan players just aren’t knowledegable on the way he should be played. (Oh Yeah I FYI I 110% disagree with anything ever posted on SRK regaurding IronMan) I mostly disregaurd the ignorance Until I stummbled upon a super old thread and some guy was talking Mad sht (Geekboy, no off. just stating facts) to an I guess up and coming IM player. And I was thinking, who the fck are u to talk sht. He didn’t even know wtf he was talking about anyway. Thats when i came to the realization that thes are a bunch of Mall scrubs sharing Mall scrub tactics and combos (Like c.shrt, c.jb, s.Rh the patent way to begin a Mall scrub combo) :lame: . And I was thinking, we need all the fckn player we can get and thi is the way we treat them, players who actually want to Learn the game instead of following suit and being like everyone else. Thats why when someone asks U about U only only have strats for one character(Maybe two Ken-Chun ). Ur no help at all. But U know its all about winning right. U know a few weeklies here, a scrub tourney there Good Job Guys :encore:. Until someone rolls up on Ur ass with some wack ass sht and beats the sht out of U and all U can say is I don’t know how to fight that sht.
Its Ur own fault for bieng a srub. But I don’t blame any individual I blamd the gaming community as a whole. Because everyones so bent on being a “TOP Player” instead of Thinking outside of the Box(Mr. T aka ShinKensou) and actually learning a game, but let me clue U in on somthing, Don’t believe the Hype, some “TOP Players” are just as scrubby as U are. So get up from in front of Ur comp. screen watching combovids and get Ur ass in Training Mode like a true G and figure some sht out on Ur own. And I don’t want to hear anymore btching about how U can’t get better because Ur competiton sucks. If Ur comp sucks its no ones fault but Ur own, if Ur as good as U say U are U can make Ur comp better. Or maybe U just want to win. For example, Mvc2 has been out for five years or so and there are Hardcore IM players not knowing how to do Unfly combos(WTF). We should learn how to teach before we Beast. Because its a shame when I see Noobs with real potential but have to resort to playing “What Wins” instead showcasing their originality. Thats why my definition American players is Mindless Drones with OK excecution and they program themselves to do what they see. And thats about 90% of the gaming community. This next matter is very Serious, at least to me it is. I will adress this matter One timt and One time Only. I’m getting sick and tired of MuthaFckers coming up to saying: “well the Japanese don’t do that” and " I’ve never seen that in a japanese match vid" or “I do it because the Japanese do”. Man I DON’T GIVE A FUK (And U tell them that Gene Muthafukn Flowers said that).Btch I American Muthakckers, thats the problem with American players, just a bunch of “Japanafiles”(Mr. Green) sucking Jap cock all day. I don’t need a fckn holding my hand, waiting for them to make so sht up, and U know who U Japsuckers are so please STOP. I mean Japs are cool and all but don’t come up to me say my shts not tight or wont work because U haven’t seen the Japanese do it, Man Fck Yo Couch. So Muthafckers better think twice before U come up to me tlking some Japanese sh*t.

lol I posted in this thread.

lol me too!

Are you supposed to be somebody important?

Apparently. He’s in a position to force the combination of SF terms with regular vocabulary. Regaurd his reguarding.


i forgot ppl like this existed.

Yes I agree. I think I know what he’s trying to say about IM and noobs and such, other then that please learn some grammar. We all understand that MVC2 is just a game and that sometimes people take it too seriously, well thats the real world. Although your making yourself look like an ass by ranting like that…anyways I kind of know what your trying to say Buckethead.


man i bet my ironman could beat his, and i don’t even play him. lmao aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you suck.

i actually fuckin agree with you bucket. Good fuckin post. Im an iron man player in NY and its pretty hard using the bastard seeing as how i play like sanford/yipes/smoothviper/remix/desmond/justin like every god damn week. Theres only like 2 real IM players in ny. Alot of the people who talk about his EASY ass obviously dont know shit and SURE you can mall a magnus with IM. Its all about the godlike execution and getting ONE hit and winning the game. Fly combos are too good (only if you reground) can’t do those than sorry your not an IM player =D

I understand your post but u kinda jumped from subject to subject how about u repost and lets us know how u really feel and this time proof read it.( j/k) I don’t do IM like that but that same thing goes for other chars. Especially scrub sent players that just don’t understand how to do anything else besides run behind capt com. pan beam rocket punch and still win. (this is an argument me and a friend i’m teaching the game to is having right now) Also, with the storm players that can’t tri jump don’t know resets/gaurdbreaks but can hail storm like no tomorrow:lol: this is to me a little ridiculous. Then ppl go out there post like they are teaching ppl. With me I just beast them a few times and if they want to come by to play and learn i am more then willing to help. But you have these ppl out here that just want to win so u have less and less ppl wanting to play the game b/c when they play these “beasters” they get overwhemled by the bs that marvel brings and don’t offer a helping hand saying “hey let me show you this” “this is the reason this happens” or my favorite quoting Mixup (he showed me how to play mag and mag vs sent teams)
“When playing marvel always think about ur options…when sent start stomping you with his unfly bull sh*t just be patient and think about your options and know the option they have and your time will come there is always a way out of everything its just the way take advantage of the options you are given” and that ppl is what i teach my comp that i want to bring up …and trust me when i say this it helps alot. Quite letting scrubs be scrubs show them something share the love:lovin:

lol I just noticed he said “” is the way to start a scrub combo, which is the setup for the infinite, Ironmans main game.

He reaks of fail.

“” . . ? depends on what you do with it:wonder:
“mall srubs” will use this to air combo so i know what buckethead means.
IM players will s.j.hp, a/d df, lp, mp, u+hp, (infinite) so i know what you mean . . .

till this day i have not seen a better im then buckethead

Guess you haven’t seen Toi’s. Haven’t heard or seen or noticed buckethead.

If u want to see bucketheads IM parryperson go check out
Look for the team upset combovideo. This video was put in CV’s hall of fame for combovideos and the shit was really just match play between these fools. I would have been in it but they called me after they had already started filming. By the way if ur from LA then ask patrick or someone else good from there about buckethead. Gouki10 if ur ironman is so cold then come to Texas Showdown I will personally bet 25 dollars against u for a money match using team combofiend and if u get hit dont get perfected. We will probably someday soon put out a true what to do with ur team combofiend vid.

Here is the video that he recorded with his friends being done in matches.

uhh i get what your talking about but spelling man aand ummm were being racist? not that im a jap but are you?