Most/Least active fighters?

Couldn’t find any kind of Internet resource to research this, but based upon all of the fighters you are playing, which seem to have the most and least active communites? Both Online and off. Though I can guess SSFIV and UMVC3 are up there in terms of activity.

Jojo. (ggpo)

I can at least still find 3S/Guilty/CvsS2 players at Super Arcade/Japan Arcade.

I really can’t find many people on UMVC3 on PSN.

3S has a pretty sizable PSN community (can pretty much always find a fight), but hardly anyone knows what they’re doing. (If even I’M bodying people, that is saying something).

SFIV and Injustice are a little better, but nearly in the same boat (+ the online is ass in both).

i find it hard recently to get fights on SFIV while am recharging my tokens for tekken rev, which is crazy active btw

Most people that still play the games set up casual lobbies. If you’re looking for ranked, it’ll be difficult.

That said…
on PSN…
Vampire Hunter has ZERO fucking people.
Vampire Savior has like 3.
MSH has like 2.
MvC1 has about a dozen.

Injustice is the most active right now AFAIK

As for least, I’d say VF. Been a month and I cannot find a single match, ranked or casual, online or offline.

tch I’ll tell you the least list

Battle fantasia, DarkAwake, and maybe vampire Darkstalker revenge (not savoir)

Neogeo Battle coliseum, Both Senko no ronde entry. (can we include GG Overture)

DBZ burst limit, Naru rise of yokai clan, sega 2 game collection

(most of the doujin games besides popular one’s like Melty and tohue)

Considering how ass are the networs of DarkAwake and Battle Fantasia i am not surprised, in fact the only times that i played them online is because and friend and me decided to be masochists and play.

Wait, Darkstalkers 3 is dead online? You’re telling me I bought the shit for no reason…?

KOF98 and 2k2 on GGPO are easily the most active games on GGPO.

I wish there were more people to Garou, Fatal Fury Special and Breakers Revenge with though.