Most/least favorite matchups for you



my least favorites:

Bison - how in the world do I get in on him. it’s hard for me to even make contact with him. his flip kick KILLS me and psycho crusher paralyzes me, making me stick to ground in one spot

Juri - sheesh… this girl shoots stuff and the little ferris wheel thing… CRAZY! I can’t get to her, seems like


Dudley, Ryu, Ken - these MU’s are pretty good for me (right now anyway…at my measly 500 PP lol)

I appreciate any tips/comments on any of these matchups!


I agree with you on Bison and Juri. You have to be patient in these match-ups and Adon doesn’t like to do that lol. Bison HK and MK keep you out all day and -1 on scissors doesn’t really seem to change anything for me. With Juri you spend all day getting around her zoning only to get an EX Pinwheel in the face, so frustrating! I actually pick U1 in this match to punish fireball spam, anyone else? I also loathe playing a good T. Hawk especially with his Ultra buffs. It’s amazing how I can stomp all over Blanka in a good connection but a little bit of lag and it’s an entirely different match. Same with El Fuerte. I haven’t figured out Rolento quite yet so for now he can be scary. Hugo can be intimidating but recent videos here on the Adon forum have helped me greatly (thanks!). Thankfully his huge hitbox means you can land full combos from just about anywhere. Turtling Hondas are also a problem. I sometimes have a problem with really good Dudleys, but that’s because I suck at anti-airing his jump HP (I think) so that’s my fault.

I love playing against Sakura, Ken, Ryu, Dan, and Gouken. Poor Gouken really can’t do anything once you have meter. The buffs to EX Tatsu help him a little bit but this match up is still so clearly in Adon’s favor.


Yep … I agree … Bison is a bitch … also the Grapplers & Balrog … Honda can be tricky … and I don’t like to fight Cody … he can punish JKs so easy.

Well for Juri … actually I think Adon wins this MU … her fireballs are annoying but Adon got EX JKs , EX Tooth , Ultra 1 , IAJKs … AND on top of all that Juris hitbox is like the winter wonderland for Adon … you can basically do all the fancy advanced combos on her … IAJK > > RJ does full hits … you can FADC it … fuzzy guard does work on her (even the light AJK connects) … close mp (counterhit) > close HP > followup works on her … you can safe jump her all day long with all set ups …

On paper I would say it is a 6:4 MU in Adons favor … Adon simple can mix her up so well with high low and all frame traps will lead to big damage … all safe jumps after throw works … and as far as I know OS EX RJ (8 frame invincibil.) beats her EX Pinwheel (7 frame invincibil.) … maybe HK JK on wake up beats it also like with Yun … never tried it.


My worst match-up is Rufus , there is always a moment where i use the bad anti air or bad tech throw and get destroy after , i can’t stand his pressure and the new ex messiah doesn’t help me , i fear even weak Rufus , i make nightmare of his ultra I …

I hate to fight Hawk , his new ex condor spire is a nightmare but most of them suck and just spam the light spire.

Most of charge character can be be painful to fight , particularly Bison , Balrog and Honda like Daaadom said , thankfully Adon neutral jump hk is really good against them.

About the new characters like everyone i don’t like to fight Elena , and Decapre too but if i play really defensive against her , she’s not really a problem , it’s just boring , like Rose and Fei-Long.

My favorite match up are Sim , Gouken and Guile , and i don’t struggle against most of the shotos except this damn Gouki.


Haha … funny … I also hate to fight Rufus … don’t know why … Adon should have the tools to win … but this fu… pressure … I started training Guile to compensate the bad MU … he just fits perfectly for the bad MUs …

For the Rufus MU … far HP is very good in this MU as AA and anti Dive Kick … OS tech & cr.hp does work sometimes too against close range pressure … but it is a bit slow. Also wondering if OS JTs or JKs are possible and will trade or beat messiah kick … Messiah K. got 11 frame start up and JT and JK are airborne from >7 frame … maybe EX JT is fast enough to escape the MK and hit it out of the air !?

Well … so much stuff to test … I really should invest some hours in the lab for all chars …


My least favorite mu are blanka, bison, zangief and akuma.


akuma??? what’s bad about this MU to you? and yeah… blanka gives me a little trouble too


Blanka is the number one challenge to me. Seemingly difficult to punish and the different trajectories of Blanka ball are problems. Cody’s tornado is a serious denial move as well, and his pressure and variance of attacks can really keep Adon grounded and hard to get free.


About Akuma , is roundhouse is a pain in the ass , this normal does almost everything against Adon , two hits in guard most of the time , beats almost every poke in counter hit please , anti backdash , can beat his neutral jump and with his ultra I you cannot focus it and his ultra I is good anti jaguar kick and his super reversal can punish every bad spaced jaguar kick.

You cannot zone him as the same range like against Ryu , Adon’s predilection range , because of his roundhouse and his sweep and Adon eats the vortex too.


so… Akuma roundhouse beats the mk jk? I try to zone and stay just past jump range and seems to work for me on him. given that I’m only playing about 400-700 PP Akumas


I have trouble with runaway akumas who jumpback and do air fireballs but only good akumas 2000pp and more.


My problems with Akuma are:

#1 Is a fu… shoto and basically no char specific stuff works on him
#2 Roundhouse & sweep are superior footsie tools
#3 Damage output
#4 Akuma buffering Ultra 1 to punish JK and IAJK


2000 pp akuma 0_0 … I get BODIED by 2000 pp ANYBODY lol


I recently played in a small tournament and got beat out by a Gouken. I feel confident that I am a better play than my opponent, but Gouken’s tools seemingly made up for the gap in skill. The 45-degree MP fireball is a strong deterrent to both Jag Tooth and Jag Kick. And Gouken’s amazing Ex Tatsu is a vacuum of pain against a lot of Adon’s approaches on the ground or in from the air. He also has good normals and high damage output that can bury Adon with his lower health and stun. It’s a MU that I would rather default to an alternate character.


No offense but i think you play bad the match up because it’s in Adon favor , probably 6-4 and i think i’m not the only one to think that but he got nice buffs in Ultra.

Fireballs are not really a problem for Adon , if the Gouken wants to zone with medium fireball , focus them , zone with the roundhouse to beat the startup , keep your meter to use the ex jaguar kick , jaguar tooth is useless against him.

Adon walks fast , you don’t need to rush him , if he’s a meter , in theory you cannot jump , like you said the ex tatsu is a really good anti air , just be patient , do nothing can be good sometime , the other player can do a mistake during this time.

He if wants to zone with his normals , mainly his far hp and his sweep , you can wiff punish the first with your far hp and beat it with the roundhouse and against his sweep , use the medium or high jaguar kick and crouch mp to wiff punish.

But it’s not free , like you say his damage output his huge , he can easily safe jump Adon and he can be tricky to anti air , do a jump forward mp or hp to beat his dive delay and to anti air his air focus with less risk than the rj.

Normally you shouldn’t strugle against a fireball zoning character with Adon.

There is a ft10 between GamerBee and Desora , maybe it will help you even if the matchs are in one way , GamerBee played aggressive with ultra II.


Hey Seratna … nice break down … and thx for the video.

I think in USF4 the MU has shifted to 5.5 / 4.5 in Adons favor (before 6 / 4) … due to that you can not pressure Gouken braindead with anymore.

On top cr.lp (3 frames) and EX Tatsu (5 frames) are solid improvements. I also agree that EX JK are enough to punish fireballs and that Ultra 1 is not mandotary … it is one of few matchups I would pick W ultra because of the utility and to shut down his fireball game. His Fireball recovery is very good so you need to buffer a lot.

IAJK are very risky in this MU and Goukens fireballs are in general shot higher than regular FB --> harder to IAJK.

Gouken is not very fast and his back dash is horrible … st.roundhouse dominates gouken but you need to mix it up with sweep (because of his counter).

Overall a good MU … and FA forward dash is very good in this MU … but be carefull with that sweep --> soooooo gatlyke !!!


Seratna… thanks for this post. I was just having a VERY HARD time with Gouken last night. I eventually got that I would have to walk him down but it was too late in the match and I had already lost really. The zoning between the standard fireball and 45 fireball was sooooooo frustrating. but now I think I will be able to handle it better next time. THANK YOU!


aaaaaaaaaand… ftr… just because GB does something, that doesn’t mean that I can right now. he makes everything look so easy smh… Daigo doesn’t even make stuff look this easy. It’s actually kinda depressing to see GB destroy people like this when I can’t even get Ultra 2 to come out from the 2p side lol


Don’t get frustrated … you need to play some MU to understand what is going on … an advice --> If you lose badly in a MU … just look for some good players that are playing the MU and try to understand what they are doing and #1 why !? Which is … to be honest … not so easy.

I watched tons of videos but understand only 70% of what was going on in my first SF4 years … so in some cases it is better to play the MU on your level instead of watching high-level play … one of our main problem is that we basically have only GB as a reference … in the end it is practice and knowledge that will let you win uncomfortable MU.



Vs Gouken you always use U1. If your problem is getting in then you obviously cannot apply the U2. U1 gives you access to 30% damage and pressure the moment you get it. Focus through a few fireballs and by the time you’re 30-40% health he will no longer be able to throw them due to 50% damage.